Kemdrum Yoga

If there is no planet in either the 12th or the 2nd house counted from the Moon, this is because those other planets do not sustain the actions of Moon. The influence of the yoga depends upon the movement and position of the different planets and the position of the planets. The yoga has a vital effect on the every person.

An individual born in this yoga faces fight and poor condition once in his life. He may be untutored, poor or idiot. It is considered that who belongs to Kemdrum Yoga is not able to cherish his nuptial life or with his children. This type of person naturally resides away from his house. He is capable of providing pleasure to his dear ones. This kind of person is verbose.

As an example, if the planet Moon is in Aries there are no other planets in Taurus which is in the second house or Pisces which is the twelfth house, Kemdrum Yoga is formed for the resident.

Person belongs to this yoga will be unclean, mournful, does evil deeds, poor, needy, a scoundrel and a cheat. He leads a lonely and difficult life.

This yoga gives problem to the mind, as the moon is mind and it alone can destructive enough. Many serial murders have that yoga. It gives the person inner worries, phobias and withdraws happiness. Crime is the passion of this kind of people.

Don’t wrap up conclusion. Many conditions are present for cancelling the effects of this yoga. If no planet is there, but the planet Jupiter is in the Kendra and particularly in lagna, it invalidates the Kemdrum Yoga. As a matter of fact any benefice or the useful benefice planet in the Kendra is influential then you won’t observe Kemdrum. If Kemdrum itself is in the Kendra then it is deadly.

A delusion about the Kemdrum yoga is that it gives a problematic life. Therefore, many astrologers consider this yoga as an inauspicious. But this idea is not completely true. Person belongs to kemdrum yoga do well in their career. They also get respect and admiration in their area of work. Generally, the astrologers in modern era talk about only the unfortunate effects of the yoga. If they begin talking about the fortunate result, people may know that owing to the presence of some yoga, Kemdrum yoga is transformed into Raj yoga. Hence, while examining people’s Kundali, it is very important to see the yoga which transforms Kemdrum yoga.