Hans Yoga

If the Jupiter is in his own symbol, that is the Pisces or Sagittarius, or in the adulation, i.e. Cancer and located in a Kendra house that is first, fourth, seventh and tenth house from the moon, then Hans Yoga is created. Again, if the Jupiter of Mool is triangular or of his own symbol (Zodiac) or of very helpful sit in any of the centre place then Hans Yoga made. The impact of the yoga largely depends upon the position and movement of the planets. It has great impact upon the most of the people.

This yoga provides fair colour, good skin and eye-catching body. People belong to Hans Yoga turn into celebrity for his cleverness. Those who have the particular yoga base, they have the qualities like well-mannered and kindness. With the help of these qualities you may able to earn lots of respect and a great position in locality and even in their working place too. It is a matter of fact that these persons will able to get a number of cooperative office mates in their working place. So it will help them to make a prosperous life.

As an example, if Pisces is the ascendant for the resident and Jupiter is located in Sagittarius which is his own house then Hans Yoga is created for the resident.

It is one of the “Five Great Yogas.” People belong to Hans or Hamsa yoga, is striking with the prominent nose, highly honourable and well-informed, educated, kind-hearted, long survival and shameless. He has rose-coloured face. Because of the power of Jupiter he has the strong virile power. He has rounded eye.

This yoga would be seen in a horoscope of and learned person or someone who has good fortune.

The person belongs to Hamsa yoga will have the symbol of lotus, conch, flag, fish or hooked area in palm or sole of his or her feet. He will be religious person.

The planet Jupiter is in adulation in the Cancer; the lagna of birth have all the decent features and is always idolized as Purushothama. He enjoys all the advantages of Hans yoga.

An individual is wealthy and flourishing. He is fortunate and victorious in the life. His children are of high quality and prosperous. His wife is good in nature. He earns many wealth, reputation and command. He works in cinema.

Besides being attractive and good looking, the person belong to Hans yoga enjoys soft voice, such as swan.