Gand Mool Dosh

Gand Mool Dosh is a problem in ones horoscope a person born in these nakshatras(Stars) is inauspicious and faces various obstacles and problems in life

If Moon is in any of the 6 Nakshatras (Stars) Revati Nakshatras, Ashvini Nakshatras, Ashlesha Nakshatras, Magha Nakshatras, Jyeshtha Nakshatras or Moola Nakshatras then the native will be effected under the Gand Mool Dosh. This Dosh is known to be one of the most unlucky yoga or dosh in one's horoscope and the power or aspect on various part of life depends on the position of Moon on a birth chart.

A Nakshtra is a part of eclipse covering 13.33 degree and each of the place is divided in 4 equal part of 3.33 degree each. Depends on in which part Moon is positioned during birth this Dosh will have different results as given bellow. All the legs from 6 Starts are not bad. Only legs that are affected by Gand Mool Dosh is given bellow. .

 Nakshtra Part Result
Aswani  Nakshtra 1st Part Problems to Father
Ashalesha  Nakshtra 2nd Part Loss of Wealth
3rd Part Problems to Mother/Mother in law
4 th Part Problems to Father
Magha  Nakshtra 1st Part Problems to mother
2nd Part Problems to Father
Jyestha  Nakshtra 1st Part Problems to elder brother
2nd Part Problems to younger brother
3rd Part Problems to mother
4 th Part Problems to  self
Moola  Nakshtra 1st Part Death of Father/Father in law
2nd Part Death of Mother/Wife
3 rd Part Loss of Wealth
Revati  Nakshtra 4th Part Problems to Native

Pooja can be performed to rectify this dosh. There is no alternative (Stone, color, etc) known for Gand mool dosh.

In my personal observation I found that the person born in Moola Nakshtra are the most affected by Gand Mool Dosh. They either looses one of the parent in child hood or both of them and usually unfortunate to get benefits from them but gets good wife and children and leads happy married life. Or, if they get good parents with benefit from them and then looses spouse very early and spent their life alone. Sometimes genmstone is suggested here, but I fond them not to be working rather respective planet may help and finally believing in God and praying God will always helps as God is the creator of the extraordinary creation and creation of us and all energies around us.

This is a most powerful and malefic dosh for the native. To know, if you have Gand Mool Dosh please generate our free horoscope.