Guru Chandal Yoga

The planet Jupiter denotes Guru and the Rahu denotes Chandal. If the planet Jupiter is in the combination with or is received by Rahu, the Guru Chandal Yoga is formed. As an example, when Guru is in the Aries and Rahu is either in the Aries or in the Libra taking the planet Jupiter from the seventh house), Guru Chandal Yoga is created for the resident.

A resident belongs to the Guru Chandal Yoga can’t acquired anything in details or can’t give the attention to a particular thing for the long time and takes incorrect decisions in the life. This type of people has the affinity to act wicked, unlawful etc. This type of people leads to the violation and calls in the mayhem. A mixture of malign Jupiter and malign Ketu may conduct some of the most loathed characters of their eras as the resident under the powerful control of this kind of yoga may trouble, worry, hurt, even murder may persons in the name of faith, race, social class or such things while a mixture of a helpful Jupiter and helpful Ketu may create holy Jewells of its era.

When the planet Jupiter is located in the tenth house, Rahu is in the sixth house and the planet Venus is in the second house, the residents turn into very rich even taking birth in a normal family. If there is a benefice side on the combination of the planet Jupiter and Ketu or Rahu, he resident is liable to the religious conviction and regards the religious persons. When the Jupiter and the Rahu are joined in the 4th house and there is helpful aspect on them, the resident is going to be a lawyer.

When the planet Jupiter shows the house of an ancestors in the horoscope and Guru Chandal Yoga is created in a horoscope by man of position of a malign Jupiter and an evil Rahu in the tenth house of the horoscope, this kind of resident is liable to fetch solemn humiliation to the name of the family and ancestors by mean of awful karmas made by him.

If an auspicious symbol is located in the ascendant and the Chandra is also stated in an auspicious sign and the union of the planet Jupiter and Rahu happens in the fifth or the ninth house, the resident is very educated, prosper, liberal and honourable parsons. In the Capricorn when the Jupiter and Rahu are united in the ninth house the resident is very moneyed person. He is much appreciated and has all the amenities at his clearance. The union of Rahu and Jupiter in the third house creates the people brave and if this union is approved by the planet Mars, the bravery has no obstacles. But the mixture of Jupiter and Ketu or Rahu in the sixth house and approves of Mars on it, creates the people very critical to his religion that he criticizes the bad side of his religion.

But it is not believed to be a good yoga. The people can have some kind of bad feeling towards his child.