Chandra Mangla Yoga

The Chandra Mangala Yoga or Yog is that kind of yoga which may build in the horoscope of a native as per the Vedic Astrology. This yoga or yog is considered to be provided many types of good consequences to the person under the strong power of Chandra Mangala Yoga. There are some interesting facts about the Chandra Mangala Yoga or yog. Some astrologers opined that it provides very good outcomes whereas few other astrologers opined that it provides very bad results to the native. This yoga or yog has still very arguable issues among many Vedic Jyotishis. In our article we will try to seek the evil and benefice effects of the Chandra Mangala Yoga or yog in a person’s kundali or horoscope. As per the explanation widespread in the Vedic Astrology, when the planet Chandra (Moon) is located along with the planet Mangala (Mars) in a natal’s horoscope or kundali then the Chandra Mangals Yog or Yoga is constructed. That means if both Mars and Moon are located in the similar house of a kundali or horoscope then Chandra Mngala Yoga or Yog is built in a native’s kundali.

If Chandra (Moon) and Mangal (Mars) combined together in any house then Chandra Mangla Yoga is formed. This yoga makes the native rich.

If Moon or Mars combines in strong house of any planet or aspected by Jupiter then this yoga becomes more powerful. Person with Chandra Mangal Yoga will be healthy, strong, long lived and will be the Wealthy after 27 years of age.

One bad part of this yoga is, if Mars is very strong in the horoscope then the person treats his or her mother harshly and does the same with other relatives. Where as the same person is very obedient to his or her immediate boss.

To my personal observation, I found many person with this yoga become wealthy (this is a relative term as wealthy means different to different people.) and accumulate huge wealth that he or she never expected from the age starting 27 till 35. When the person reaches 35, he gets everything in his or her own (like own house, car, etc). Only incase if Mangla or Mars is weak in the Horoscope, this is not possible and for then a remedy is required to make use of this yoga and become wealthy.

Chandra Mangla yoga makes a person confident and bold while dealing with others. If the person joins army then even though this person acts bold and harsh to others, he is often liked by others and may become most popular among others.

Person with Chandra Mangla yoga can earn through Auto Industry, Pharma Industry or sale alcohols or profession related to arms and ammunitions.

If Mars is weak in the birth chart and Moon is strong then native may gain wealth from the help of Mother or a women of that age group.

This is a most benefic yoga for the native. To know if you have Chandra Mangla Yoga please generate our free horoscope.