Vasi Yoga

The word “Vasi” denotes to dwell or stay in a place. When the planets except the planet Moon, Ketu and Rahu capture the twelfth house from the planet Sun, the Vasi Yoga is constructed. The position of the planets is really vital to the Vasi Yoga. The effect of the yoga is also affected by the yoga.

The Vasi Yoga is the skill of breathing which allows an individual to just excel mind and in this course of action it flames works (karma) and propensity (vasanas). Once vasanas and karma are flamed, the soul is not differing from the everlasting truth, Brahmam. When all the planets other than the planets Moon, locate themselves in the 12th house from the plant Sun; this planetary mixture creates the formation of the Vasi Yoga in the Astrology. The effects of the Vasi Yoga on its resident depend upon the kind of planets located in the house no. 12 from the planet Sun whether they are positive planets or evil planets. If these are positive planets, the resident as an effect of this Vasi Yoga will obtain huge name, fame and status.

As an example, when the planet Sun is located in the cancer for the resident and the planet Mercury is located in the Gemini which is the second house from the planet Sun, the Vasi Yoga is built. The position of Mercury is important to the Yoga.

If the Vasi Yoga forming positive, it directs that the resident begins his life in a very good fashion which comprises kind heartedness, fairness, steadiness etc. The first consciousness of the resident will be good in accordance with the kind of the positivity. Benefices which form the Vasi Yoga are injured in the astrology or the navamasa, will still, direct tricky and imbalanced feature in accordance with the kind of positivity. This is lessened the residents ability to start the things which he want in his life. There is a chance to become strong owing to the taking parts the injured planets in the Solar Yoga. The resident born in this yoga is happy, wealthy, open-minded and beloved to the ruling classes. The resident is expert and learned and builds up the art of communication under the holy Vasi Yoga. It helps a joyous and flourishing family life to its resident. So if you possess the yoga, you are a person of lots of pleasure and happiness. At the same time you will able to make a happy and prosperous life too.

Vasi Yoga is very benefice to the native. To know if you have Vasi Yoga please generate our free horoscope.