Chatussagara Yoga

According to common description of Chatussagara Yoga in the Vedic astrology, if all the 4 Kendra of the house are occupied by the planets counted from Moon then it is called Chatussagara yoga. The influence of the yoga is depending upon the position of the different kinds of planets and the movement of the planets. This yoga may bless the resident with well-famed, authorising power, long life, excellent health condition, prosperity, good offspring and roaming to different countries. So it may be stated that the particular yoga has lot of effect in the lives of common people.

If Taurus is the ascendant for the inhabitant and in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Capricorn has at least a planet in the horoscope then Chatussagara yoga is formed.

The people with the help of this yoga will be renowned and wealthy. They will enjoy their health and pleasure.

An individual deals food and drinks, clay jar, simple apparatus and women. They disobey their mother. But these persons are advised not to disobey the words of mothers, because that would be harmful to you also. This is a mixture of good incomes and addition of assets, although the method of achieving is not necessarily being legal.

Such growing activity stage of the horoscope may be either positive or negative. It’s depends upon the type of ensuing planetary power he receives. That’s mean is if most of the planets located in the Kendra houses in a horoscope are affirmative, this horoscope will be very energetic in a constructive way that will effect in many types of positive results for the inhabitant in many fields of his life. This may be considered as the creation of Chatussagara Yoga in a horoscope.

But most of the planets located in Kendra houses in a horoscope are evil or negative. This horoscope will become dynamic in pessimistic or negative way that is consequence of many types of evil or malign results for the inhabitant in the many areas of his life and the creation of the Chatussagara yoga will be out of reach.

Therefore, most of the planets present in all of Kendra houses in a horoscope must be benefice in command for the creation of Chatussagara yoga. The lord of 9th house is present in the sixth, eight or twelfth house. The person will miss all the parental assets, like land, home etc. Elders and good people don’t regard the person. He will be blasphemous, unfortunate and depressed. He dressed in old style and damaged clothes.