Sunapha Yoga

Changeable symbol having one or more planets provide the resident few prosperity, any 2 of the chara Rashis captured by the planets carries reputation and regard for the resident. The resident has the hypnotized capacity over the public. If 3 changeable symbols are fulfilled by the planets, the resident has a good appearance and he possesses the wealth like Kubera who is the god of prosperity.

If one of the planets is dignified, the resident can get something. If two planets are located in their adulation symbols, the resident will be rich person. If 3 planets are getting dignified the resident spend his life like an emperor.

The ninth lord is Bhagyadhipati which is likely as Laxmi Yoga. When the ninth lord is located in the Kendra this yoga is made. The resident belongs to this yoga spend a comforts life and dies in any pilgrim or any sacred place. If many planets are located in their self-house, the resident can be a shining person in the family. When the second house from the Moon captured by any other planet except the Sun, this yoga works.

If there is planet except the planet Sun, Ketu and Rahu in second house from the planet Moon, Sunapha yoga is created. It can be captured by the planet Mars, the planet Mercury, the planet Jupiter, the planet Venus and the planet Saturn either in single or together. As an example, when the plant Moon is located in the Gemini for the resident and Mercury is placed on the Cancer which is second house from the moon, Sunapha Yoga is formed.

The existence of the Sunapha Yoga in a resident’s Rashi provides him a vast financial profit. He gets huge amount of wealth and prosperity in his life. The person belongs to this yoga is very much rational, intelligent, well-famed. The resident of this yoga lives life equivalent to a king. Planet is the second house from the Moon land and focuses the beliefs and deliberation that are inspired by the resident’s experience. Those planets direct the resident’s feeling and reacts according to the situations and experience from his life.

When the Sunapha Yoga is made with the planet Mercury, the person is helped with skills in the Vedas and Music. His nature is holy. This kind of person has a prone to the poetry. He is charming in looks and is adorable for his ability. If the Sunapha Yoga is made with the planet Jupiter, the person is going to a teacher of Science.

Sunapha Yoga is benefice to the native. To know if you have Sunapha Yoga please generate our free horoscope.