Bhadra Yoga

There is much Yoga in Indian astrology. But only few of them have the power in a birth graph. Those are named as Pancha Maha Purusha (5 Great) Yoga. The Bhadra Yoga is one of them. This yoga is one of the famous yogas among all the yogas. The existence of the yoga is entirely depending upon the position of the different kinds of planets and the movement of the particular planets. So it is a matter of concern that all the position of the planets is very important for the yoga. This has much effect upon the person and upon all individuals. So it has lot of meaning to everyone’s life.

Bhadra denotes gentleness of an individual. It is powerful than other yoga built by the Mercury.

When Mercury is in the sign of Gemini or Virgo and is located in a Kendra house, i.e. first, fourth, seventh and the tenth house, in the birth chart of the native, Bhadra yoga is made.

The person belongs to Bhadra Yoga will be harmoniousness with the innate nature of the Mercury. He will be zippy, bright and flexible. With the help of this you will able to make a bright life and prosperous life.

Who belongs to Bhadra yoga, have the following physical features: His face alike the face of a tiger. He will follow the elephant while walking. He will have wide chest, long and powerful hands and square shape in body. This type of yogis will be rich in soft hair over the cheeks, legs and the hands.

They are bold, sympathetic, erudite and prudent. They have autonomous ideology, reasonable and eye-catching figure. A person belongs to Bhadra yoga will be a resource of attraction for the people.

They are specialist in taking quick decision. Way of their thinking is logical. They can do any task which is infeasible or unbelievable for others.

They live a long life. Their progress comes steadily. They reach at the zenith of the rank. The Magadha belongs with this Bhadra Yoga. Magadha is the most powerful state among the 16 great states in the ancient India during the sixth century B.C.

They are advance in times and believe in pioneering techniques. They are motivated and progressive. They are forever prepared to serve the relatives and friends. Renowned people are belongs to Bhadra Yoga.

Bhadra Yoga helps those people who are dealing with business and communication. They will spend a complete happy life. They will die at 80.