Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatra

Poorva Bhadra Pada Nakshatra
If you are taken birth in the Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra, you are considered either under the Aquarius or the Pisces zodiac symbol which is stood on the Pada of Purva Bhadra Star. The resident who born under the first o r second or third Padas are considered as Aquarius and those native who born under the fourth Pada are considered as Pisces.

The male under this star can’t stand out in a coronet cause of his looks. Therefore, he is known for simple moves towards the life. This attitude may be the cause for ignoring the popular paths of fashion which are surrounded. He will collect some money but he prefers to spend it among the poor. They possess a very good brain and have the ability to take challenge in any kind of business. It is the one of the strongest point in the world of labour. His mother may be away from him owing to job, but his father takes the anchor role in his life. They may not agree always but admire each other. They will face the diabetes problem due to their bad eating habits.

Women are very beautiful and are capable of attracting people who see her. She is frank and loyal. She is cautious about expanding herself. She always things positive and does not permit herself to go under the depths of depression. Wedded life is fine and enjoy with her children. She requires taking attention to her feet and must control the hypertension.

The resident of Purva Bhadrapada Nashatra will have a large face and powerful chest. Well bent figure attracts the people. Their talkativeness keeps everyone’s mind at them. Overall, they are attractive along with their words. They are kind-hearted person. They are reputable and worship teachers and God. They have great control over their minds. They are a good orator. People may not understand you due to your innovatory thinking. But you are positive about your thoughts and beliefs. They must be careful for road accident and keep distance from fire. They enjoy a prosperous life.

They are fascinated by the opposite gender. They are known for their ability for taking risk and smart thinking. They can achieve their higher education. Due to their honesty they will be in the great attention of their boss. Their bosses have complete faith at them. All of your fellow will support them. They may enjoy a prosperous life and may turn into and good businessman.