Duradhura Yoga

As per the description in the Vedic Astrology, if any planet are located in the both sides of the planet Moon or Chnadra that means when the planets are located in the second and twelfth house from the planet Moon or Chandra in the horoscope of a native then Duradhura Yoga is constructed in the native’s kundali or Horoscope. Duradhura Yoga or Yog is blessed the native with prosperity, wealth and physical beauty.

But it must be noted that the planets which are located beside the Moon i.e. both sides of the Moon must be benefice planets. If evil planets situated in that position then it may lessen the effect of Duradhura Yoga or Yog significantly or it may annul the creation of the Duradhura Yoga in the horoscope.

The person born in the Durdhara Yoga owing to the planet Mercury and Jupiter is administrative, pious and is satisfied with no matter what he is got. This type of person is also a good spokesman. Chandra must be the benefice planet in this horoscope in order to take part in the creation of Durdhara yoga in this horoscope as a malign or unhelpful moon does not create Durdhara yoga in a horoscope. The planets available both sides of the Chandra must also be helpful planets for horoscope as the existence of evil planets in one or both the horoscope houses on the either sides of the planet Moon may lessen the results of Durdhara yoga considerably or it may call off the creation of Durdhara yoga in general in a horoscope. This type of person is intellectual. He is not covetous and travels a lot in abroad. This kind of person is followed by many other people. So be careful about that.

People belong to Duradhar Yoga in the course of the Mars and Jupiter is normally well-known owing to their activity. They may be dishonest, impatient and obstinate.

Planets other the Sun mutually in the 12th and the 2nd house counted from the moon helps to form this yoga. As an example, When Moon is in the Taurus and there are planets in the Aries which is the 12th house from the Taurus and in the Gemini which is the 2nd house from the Taurus, this yoga is built.

Person belong to this combination will be wealthy and high in morals. It is a helpful yoga for the resident.

The existence of Moon with an evil planet or the part of one or extra evil planets on Moon may weaken the helpful effects of Durdhara Yoga in the horoscope. But the creation of a helpful yoga such as Gaj Kesari yoga in the horoscope may enhance the power of Durdhara Yoga in the horoscope. The power and position of Chandra in a horoscope must also be taken into concern while making a decision the helpful results of Durdhara yoga as fault to the Moon by the asset of its position in a symbol or house of the horoscope is possible from Durdhara yoga of low power in a horoscope.

This yoga completely supports the planet Moon; an individual is pleased. They will accept as well as pay back to the earth.