Adhi Yoga

The Adhi yoga is created when Mercury is in the 6th, Jupiter is in the 7th and Venus is in the 8th house from Moon. Not compulsory that the three houses must reside on each house. They may singly or mutually occupy those houses from the Moon.

In the Vedic astrology the yoga is a word for a group of planets. Adhi can’t be brushed off because it is very strong combination that is found in the chart of birth. The combination provides the consequence of dasha, antardasha of planets which is formed by the yoga. I am trying to provide you entire picture of this yoga in brief. Two reference points are there which is necessary for this yoga. In a birth graph this yoga has to be seen from the moon and the lagna.

Another influential combination of that yoga is moon and lagna in Sagittarius, Venus is 6th in the Taurus, Mercury is in the 7th in Gemini, Jupiter is in the cancer which is 8th. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter have the sign Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer respectively.

The inhabitant will spend a long, prosperous and healthy life and he will surmount over his competitors. The inhabitant will hold a control, wealth and power in his life depending on the location of the planets. If one planet fills any of these houses in complete power, the resident turns into a leader. In case of two, the native turns into a minister, and in case of the three, the native turns into a renowned celebrity in his life. The inhabitant will also have a powerful interest towards the matter of relationship and nuptials due to the attachment of 7th and 8th house in that yoga.

Another stronger bonding of this yoga is moon or lagna is Pisces, Jupiter is in the sixth house in Leo, Mercury is in the seventh home in Virgo and Venus is in the Libra in 8th.

If the power of these planets is poor, also that time the yoga will be called Adhi yoga. The result will be trifling and will be half-heartedly felt by the inhabitant. If the moon is in Leo and Jupiter is in the sixth house in Capricorn, it is out of action. It is also following the same if the Venus is in the Aquarius in 7th and Mercury is Pisces in 8th position.

(The possible combinations are given bellow that creates Adhi Yoga.

6th house- Jupiter, Mercury and Venus

7th house- Jupiter, Mercury and Venus

8th house- Jupiter, Mercury and Venus

6th and 7th house- Jupiter, Mercury and Venus

7th and 8th house- Jupiter, Mercury and Venus

6th and 8th house- Jupiter, Mercury and Venus)

The resident of Adhi yoga will be chief wherever he is located. It creates a person well-mannered, reliable and wealthy. Adhi yoga is believed to be Raja yoga. It is one of the strong lucky yoga in an individual’s life.