Kapata Yoga

An evil minded person can’t be trusted. Kapata means evil mind. If fourth house has a malign planet and the owner of the fourth house is connected with, or received by, or encircled with evil planets then The Kapata Yoga is built.

In this yoga an individual becomes a fraud, hiding his own emotion and rarely revealing his mind. The lord of the fourth house is cooperated with Saturn, Rahu and Mandi; receiving evil features an individual will become hypocrite.

As an example, if Pisces is the ascendant of the resident and the fourth house owner Mercury is located at Taurus with malign Sun and fourth house Gemini has malign Saturn, Kapata yoga is formed for the resident, or when an evil planet is accepting the owner of the 10th house which must be an evil planet, with the planet Mars, Rahu and the Saturn existing in the 4th house, the Kapata yoga is formed. So it is very important to know that this yoga has an important impact upon the most of the person and this is also ruled by the position of the planet and side by side by the movement of the planets.

When the Atmakaraka, Lord of lagna and the 8th lord are mixed up the Sharpa, is relentless and there is extensive Karmic trouble. Sharpa will have to be discovered by the resident and it can hinder the actual growth of the personality. If only Atmakarka is mixed up then the distress is at the height of the spirit. And it is very tough to state for the inhabitant. If the eighth lord is mixed up, the invitation of sin is considerable. Moola Dasha is used to time for curse and must be considered from lagna. It can be considered from Moon to read Matri Sharpa when the curse is in the primary stage.

If the ordinary benefice is cursing in Dusthana in the strong point, it is dangerous curse and also points that the work which called the curse in the last personification was not done in good intent. Equally, if cursing benefice in Kendra or any other auspicious Bhava, the ending result of the torment is good. So it is good for all of people.

If any of the ordinary evil causes the curse, is known as Vakra which has no solution and must suffer by the resident. Though, involvement of fifth lord will work in spite of the reversion.