Neech bhang Raj Yoga

The meaning of Neech bhang is breaking of Bad Yoga. If a planet is injured, this yoga helps to break the bad affect. If a house has an injured planet and its owner of the house is in the dignified symbol or its placement is in the Kendra from the ascendant, the Neech bhang Raj Yoga is formed.

As an example, if the planet Sun is affected in the Libra but the owner of Libra, that is it can be said that the planet Venus is in its happiness symbol Pisces then the planet Sun position becomes powerful even if affected.

If an injured planet turns into Vargottama in the horoscope that means it is occupied the similar symbol in the birth Rashi as well as the chart of Navaamasha, Neech Bhang Raj Yoga is constructed. As an example, injured planet Mercury located in the fourth pada of the Revati Nakshatra which will lead the planet Mercury Vargottoma in the rashi as it is located in the Pisces in the natal’s birth chart along with the Navamsaha chart.

These terms are: (a) the deity of the symbol of enervation should be located in a quarter – cycle from the planet Moon or lagna; (b) if the planet itself which is injured must also be located in the same position; (c) the deity of the natural adulation symbol of the injured planet must also be in the same position (in this example, it might be Mars being the deity of symbol of adulation of the planet Sun, i.e. Aries; (d)the injured planet should be dignified in the D-9.

The meaning of this is that the lost power of the injured planet is got back due to the owner of its symbol being powerful, though it’s not a simple task. Besides the condition, there are some other conditions which should be fulfilled in order to transfer the “Neech bhang” to “Raj Yoga”. So this planet has a great impact on a person.

Neech bhang Raj Yoga is a unique and interesting yoga. An individual with the Neech bhang Raj Yoga will first get the neecha stage, then the bhanga stage ad at last the Raja stage. Raja stage is almost after the age 36 years. For the incidence of the Neech bhang Raj Yoga the affected planet should be in angular in shape from ascendant. The termination of debilitation occurs when the owner is angular from the moon, or it joins the injure planet.

The owner of the adulation symbol of the injured planet is stated in the Kendra from Lagna. Neecha planet dignify in the Navamasa. The owners of the exhaustion and adulation symbols are in the mutual Kendra. An affected planet received by the lord of the symbol, located in as auspicious house. Owner of the Astrology in which a planet is injured or the owners of the planet’s adulation symbol, or the planet which get dignify is in the trine from the Moon.

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