Anapha Yoga

Anapha yoga is formed when any benefice planet locate in the 12th house (except Rahu, Ketu and the Sun) from Chandra in birth graph.

Planet benefic chart

As an example, if Chandra is located in Taurus and the Mars (Taurus’ benefice planet) is located in the twelfth house from the Taurus which is Aries, this yoga is made.

The religious person must have the Anapha yoga. It is an auspicious yoga for the inhabitants.

The consequences of the Anapha yoga make an individual ruler, liberal, sincere, well-famed, appealing, and polite; some have highly self respect, sense of pleasure and passion for dresses. This type of person does not suffer from many diseases and lives a vigorous life. Later part of the life, the person enlarges the quality of rejection, earnestness and lucidness in his character.

As the Mars occupy the 12th house from moon, the resident of this yoga turns into dependable, leading, influential, self- controlled and that time the leader of the person engaged in obnoxious actions. Mercury in that place makes an individual 1st class spokesman in public, talented in making discussions and skilful in social sections. Jupiter in that position makes the individual a strict minded, helpful, candid and worthy. Venus makes the individual an honorable person, sweet talker of women, deceitful. Saturn leads the individual to regret and nodes to the perversity. If the Moon id formed under the Anapha yoga, lend good behavior, well-formed organ and self esteem. This kind of person is very attractive, has a polite voice and is fanatical in poetry. He may also be a good speaker and is naturally renowned.

Anapha Yoga or Yog is formed when any planet except the planet Sun, Ketu or Rahu is located in the 12th house from the planet Chandra or Moon. This yoga or yog is believed to be connected to providing. Hence the person belongs to the Anapha Yoga or Yog turns into kind hearted and extravagant. This yoga leads a person to turn into king. He is honest, famous, magnetic, alluring, handsome, smart, passionate, and friendly. They possess good status. They live a prosperous and wealthy life. Happiness is the key point to this yoga. They are fond of new dresses. They will not suffer many diseases or incurable diseases. Later half of a person’s life who belongs to the Anapha Yoga or Yog may become serious, sober and rejected person.

When the planet Mars is located in the 12th house from the planet Moon the resident possesses the Anapha Yoga. They are good orator. They become powerful, governing character. They are charitable person. The planet Jupiter at this position lead the person strict minded.

This yoga is of three types - Subha Adhi Yoga, Paap Adhi Yoga and Mixed Adhi Yoga. It is located on 6th, 8th, and 12th house respectively. Anapha yoga when happens from Chandra lagna or rashi, is recognised as the Chandra adhi yoga. It is one of the most significant yogas in the vedic astrology. Sometimes it is compared to Raja yoga.