Ubhayachari Yoga

When the second and the twelfth house from the Sun are placed by any planet except the planet Moon, Ketu and Rahu, the Ubhayachari Yoga is formed. Vesi and Vasi they together too formed the Ubhayachari Yoga.

The results of the Ubhayachari Yoga on the resident depend on whether the benefice planets or evil planets are located in the 2 houses. if the benefice planets is living there, the Ubhayachari Yoga’s existence makes the resident prosperity, well-famed and comfort life. The resident under the power will also be knowledgeable, strong, renowned, zealous and prominent appearance. This kind of persons has good relatives. He has the ability to deal with the responsibilities. He carries an equal frame of mind.

As an example, when the planet Sun is in Leo, the planet Mercury is in Cancer which is the twelfth house from the planet Sun and the planet Venus is in Virgo which is second from the Sun, the Ubhayachari Yoga is formed. So this is more or less favourable to most of the people.

It must be noted that in case of Vesi or Vasi Yoga, the existence of the planet Moon, Rahu and Ketu in the houses earlier or next to the hose of location of the planet Sun is not believed for the creation of Ubhyachari Yoga. The person born in the Ubhyachari Yoga is of sweet-tongued, renowned, calculating and wealthy. But you are advised to be very much careful regarding the fact that you need to reduce your expenses. Otherwise you can not be able to save any money.

If the planet Sun is not strong in this horoscope, it creates the resident disloyal, immoral and unfortunate. The Ubhayachari Yoga is not made in many horoscopes however it can nearly form in a number of horoscopes. To form Ubhayachari Yoga in the horoscope, all the planets have to be involved in the creation of Ubhayachari Yoga in positive action. None of the planets must be working malign in this horoscope. Because the existence of many helpful planets in three consecutive house of horoscope is rather a rare incident, so the creation of Ubhayachari Yoga is also an unusual incident. It must be point out that the existence of malign planets in the house no. 2 or 12 from the planet Sun doesn’t make the Ubhyachari Yoga and this type of position may cause harmful for the resident. The resident at results of this yoga will have acute, powerful and equivalent body organs.

Ubhayachari Yoga is very benefice to the native. To know if you have Ubhayachari Yoga please generate our free horoscope.