Saraswati Yoga

The Hindu Goddess Saraswati is stands for erudition and education. If the planet Jupiter, the planet Venus and the planet Mercury are situated in the Kendra house, i.e. the first, fourth, seventh and tenth house, in an affable symbol, or even better the house, Saraswati Yoga is formed. The planet Mercury, Venus and the Jupiter collectively provide intelligence to the resident. So it may be said those who have the influence of the particular yoga, these persons will be very lucky to some extent. This will help you to make a bright future and happy life.

As an example, when the Gemini is the ascendant for the resident and the planet Mercury is located in the Gemini which is own house of the Mercury, the planet Jupiter is located in the Sagittarius which is own house of the of the Jupiter, and the planet Venus is situated in the Pisces which is the own and dignified house of the Venus, the Saraswati Yoga is constructed.

If the planet Venus, Mercury and Jupiter is located in the second house while the planet Jupiter in his self house, the results of Saraswati yoga is created. In that case the resident will be hallowed with erudition and intelligence.

The planet Jupiter provides intellect, good remembrance power and curiosity to the education. The planet Mercury provides the ability of learning, mathematical skill, good logical quality and the planet Venus helps the individual with zeal, inventiveness, arts and pleasure. The intact of three planets provide the resident exceptionally erudite, wise and well-informed.

The Saraswati Yoga may happen in a trikona also that is 1st, 5th and the 9th house or in the 2nd house while the planet Jupiter located in its own symbol. According to Indian mythology the Goddess Saraswati is god of knowledge.

Saraswati Yoga leads the resident author, well-known person, orator and intelligent. When the planet Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are very powerful in a horoscope then the resident is very wealthy and wise by his intellect and wisdom. The planet Jupiter is an auspicious planet which brings great luck. Venus may help a person to spend luxurious life.

The planet Mercury is the strongest planet when he comes to education, because it is the cause of intellect, connection, proficiency in the language, reasoning and logical skills. Powerful presence of those planet in chary of birth or in the horoscope is always a direction for very good education.