Ruchak Yoga

The yoga is a terrestrial position and combination of the planets which gives a particular consequence and creates large effects in the original life. In the historical vedic rashi, there is much yoga which is to be believed as very talented and play a very useful part to lift luck of its original. Who is born in such luxurious yoga is spent a comfortable, blooming and the happiest life. Mahabhagya Yoga is done very optimistic effects on the original life and deeds. Persons belong to Mahabhagya Yoga in his Kundali is blessed by Goddess Laxmi. So it is one of the important yoga in life of people. the persons who have the qualities and the effect of the yoga, they may have the position of the planet at a high rank.

When the planet Mars is in its own symbol, i.e. Aries and Scorpio or in adulation and in the Kendra house (first, fourth, seventh and the tenth house from the Moon), the Ruchak Yoga is formed.

In this yoga the resident has good physical condition, prosperity and gets the upper position in the Defence or in the Police. An individual will be courageous, haughty and victorious. If an individual enjoys the Ruchaka Yoga, the time of Mars will be helpful to him. He makes lands and the houses. His brothers flourish and facilitate him and cause him happy. His interest is at the time of Mars. He gets enormous profits by the agriculture, horticulture etc. With the help of these the people will able to make a life with good future and fortune.

As an example, when Aries is the ascendant for the resident and Mars is resided in Aries which is his own house, Ruchak Yoga is formed for the resident.

If the owners of the 9th and the 10th house are placed in each other’s house or are in combination with each other in either in the houses forms Ruchaka Yoga – a good fortune all the way. When the Mars live in hisown position, the resident will enjoy the consequences of the Ruchaka Yoga and he will be blessed with prosperity, well-famed and triumph.

It is one of the “Five Great Yogas”. An individual belongs to Ruchak Yoga in Vedic Rashi horoscope is believed to be brave, diligent, eminent and victorious. Mars is the genuine powerful Army man of all the 9 planets. An individual can earn glory in the politics.