Hasta Nakshatra

Hastha Nakshatra
Hasta is 13th Nakshatra among twenty seven Nakshatra. The meaning of the word “Hasta” is “the hand”. According to the vedic rashi, this star has may features which are connected to hand. According to common belief of vedic rashi, the main sign connected with the star is the sign of palm of a hand along with the five fingers. An open hand is considered as a symbol of luck as the palm denotes the lines which are likely to read our luck according the vedic rashi and palmistry.

The hand is also considered as the sign of the karma which denotes that control of this sign of the Hasta Nakshatra creates it a star which shows the features like gratifying in hard work or any work which need hand. It defines the fortune of the karmas done by hand. And at the same time possess beliefs is the destiny and curiosity in the science that is able to tell the luck or future happenings. Few jyotisi take a clench fist as the sign of Hasta Nakshatra which is associated in various kinds of features.

Running on the zodiac of the Virgo, this star is separated by the strong sign of a fist. This star represents the usual features of beauty, strength and wisdom. Foretelling the magical bend of hand, Hasta Nakshatra denotes subjection, awareness, perception and control. Very close combination, fond of music, holiness are also the noticeable characteristic of this star. Resident take birth with shining power of this star is pointed by honesty, gentleness and faithfulness. They are praised for their cheerfulness, showiness and liberality. They are tall, and handsome. They are basically kind and helpful. Their attitude shows their personification of firmness and loyalty. In spite of their quiet nature, they show liberty and determination in their dealings.

The males of this star are generally soft-spoken and authentic. They are known for their ability for keeping friendship for life. Besides good sides, they have bad sides also. Once he is got crime, he makes very bad rival and they are not able to overcome. His work life is good. He is careful and gets a good position in job. He is careless for marriage life. But he requires to careful for his wife. This may cause a serious effect in the later of life. He knows very well how to solve the problems of other people and he does not concern in return. He leads a healthy life, but cold may suffer sometimes.

The females of this star are very beautiful and honey. They are womanly and respectful. They are also very biased. Her candid nature may cause trouble. She obviously enjoys a happy nuptial life with adorable children. If she is attentive then he will enjoy her good health. However, she needs to examine her BP.