Chamara Yoga

If the native is born in the moon cycle of bright lunar fortnight or waxing moon and lord of 1st house is very strong and Jupiter is positioned in a trikone house then Chamara yoga is formed. Native of Chamara yoga will be healthy, strong in physically, mentally and financially. This persons leads a happy life and can be happy in any situation.. He or she will be aristocratic.

Person born in this yoga is the best in the family and others in the family or relatives will be known by him or her. This person travels different countries to take educational trainings or similar nature of work. Person with Chamara yoga maintain steady and stable life with routine life style and does not normally deviate from daily routine.

If Jupiter is weak, this yoga may not be fully working and in this case a remedy of Jupiter will help to get full benefit of the same. If Jupiter is the lord of Ascendant or lagna then this yoga becomes very strong. If Jupiter is aspected by any malefic planet then this yoga will not be fully effective and they may not exist any remedy with may weaken the aspecting planet. If there is a malefic planet in ascendant or if Rahu or Ketu is in ascendant then this yoga will not be effective or sometime partially effective and the person will not get the benefit of this auspicious yoga. In my personal experience, I have noticed that in case of Venus being the lord of ascendant, this yoga is found to be ineffective.

There are few conjugations of Chamara Yoga. It is as follows:

If the owner of the first house the planet Jupiter is aspected by the planet Venus and captures the second, fifth, eighth or the eleventh house.

If the Ascendant is movable i.e. Chara and the owner of the first captures the ninth or the tenth.

If ascendant is aspected by the planet Jupiter and the Navamshsa god of the planet Jupiter captures a dignified place.

If the planet Sun is located in the Vargottamshamsa, the owner of the first id dignified and the planet Mercury captures the fifth or the ninth house.

If the ascendant is located in the Chara Moon Sign, the owner of the first house in located in the twelfth house, the planet Jupiter is in the Kendra and birth takes place in the Sukla Paksha.

If the owner of the first house is dignified, the owner of the eleventh is in the ninth and the lagna is in the fixed sign.

If the birth time is the day, the Moon is powerful and complete and when the owner of the first house is dignified and ascendant is mixed be any other planet.

If the owner of the first is in the movable navamsa and the owner of the tenth house captures Moveable Moon Sign and the owner of the fourth is located in the seventh house.

If the owner of the first in the ninth, the owner of the fourth house is dignified and captures the central position and other planet mixes with the central houses of the owner of the fourth house.

This is a benefic yoga for the native. To know if you have Chamara Yoga please generate our free horoscope.