Gajkesari Yoga

Gaj kesari Yoga is another most auspicious and influential yoga in the horoscope. When Jupiter is in the Kendra House, i.e. first, fourth, seventh and the tenth house respectively, from the Ascendant or Chandra, this Gaj kesari Yoga is created. If the Jupiter is in evil’s house or injured then the fortunateness of this yoga can be affected.

As an example, If Chandra is in the Taurus and the Jupiter is in Leo which is the fourth house from the Taurus then Gaj kesari yoga is created. Jupiter must be in the Kendra from the ascendant in this yoga. If auspicious planets accept the Jupiter, it provided auspicious effects. Rishi Parashar told that the Jupiter must not be injured or in the evil’s house.

Gaj kesari yoga is determined by the location of Jupiter from the Moon. Gaj kesari yoga if formed stays in action around 2 -3 days. That means the people born during this time will hold the Gaj kesari yoga in the horoscope. To make simpler the fact, let us think that the Jupiter is existed in the Aries and as the Jupiter resides in a symbol for a year, thus when the moon go into any one of the symbols, i.e. Cancer, Aries, Capricorn or Libra, the Gaj kesari yoga will be made as the Jupiter will be present in the house first, tenth, seventh and fourth from the moon in that cases.

If the Jupiter is evil’s house or injured and Gaj kesari yoga is also formed then the fortunateness of the yoga may be affected. With this location this yoga is found to 1/5th to 1/3rd of people’s graph. Rishi Parashar said if the Gaj kesari yoga is formed, Jupiter must not be conservative or received by any evil planet in the graph.

Elephant (Gaj) and lion (Kesari) both are the influential and powerful animals. If this yoga is formed in one’s graph, he is capable of all luxurious comforts and amenities and covers an upper position in his career. An individual can also be capable of imaginative arts, opinion and debate.

It has frequently seen that the yoga is not formed when the planet Venus is in the Kendra from Moon. Both the symbols make a Shadashak Yoga which is located in the 6th and 8th house from each other. In this condition if one symbol of the Venus is in Kendra and other one is ion the evil’s house, the Gaj kesari yoga may be called off and became inauspicious.