Amla Yoga

When any malevolent planet located at the house, is called Amala Yoga though it is regarded as a good fortune for the resident, because the location of a malevolent planet is an Upachaya house. And this house is believed good and 10th house is located in Upachaya house. This means the individual will certainly grow but may be at cost of the other failure. Amala is considered for spotlessness and shameless character. This Amala yoga makes the individual admirable, ethical and virtuous with a stainless character. The individual build up gentle and open-hearted manner and committed towards the society, mankind and earthly materials. With Amala yoga, an individual has a great chance for a career in public sector.

A good place is in the 10th house from ascendant or Moon. Whether the planet is benefice or not, is depending on the listed house it has in respect to the ascendant.

Benefice chart of a planet is given below...

Planet benefic chart

As an example, if the Taurus is the ascendant of the inhabitant and the Moon is located in the tenth house from the Taurus that is Aquarius, the yoga is formed. If an individual has the Amala yoga, he is charitable and his approach is towards the mankind.

It is dissimilar with the Amala Kirti yoga. The effectiveness or the power of this yoga is less than that of Amala Kirti yoga although the description looks similar. In that yoga also, the main effects of the tenth house will arrive from the front in the terrestrial period or dasha of the benefice located at the tenth house.

It is not that if the planet Sun is locating in the tenth house of a native’s horoscope then the Amala Yoga must be built. It depends on other factors too. When the planet Sun is located in the tenth house of a natal’s horoscope in Libra that is the symbol of enervation and evil planet Saturn is located on the fourth house of the natal’s horoscope that is troubling the already feeble Sun then this type of horoscope is not help in spite of the placement of the planet sun in the tenth house of the natal’s horoscope. Hence Amala Yoga may not execute any important result in a person’s horoscope. There are some other significant facts that must be analysed accurately from the horoscope for deciding the exact creation and power of Amala Yoga in the horoscope. Only that time the importance of the Amla or Amala Yoga may be manipulated in the natal’s horoscope.

Amala is not happened if there has no benefice. Although the power of the pronouncement Udayat Indutovapi Yegrahadasamasthithaha Te sarve artha- pradagneya swa dasasu yatoditha, that means any every planet in the tenth from moon or lagna could give at the time of this dasha, much prosperity, an evil also in not lined out.

Hence, Amala builds an individual careful because of the means he utilizes for earning at the same time an evil in the 10th house no doubt fine in its own means, as coming of wealth, could not make an individual well known or a man of nature.