Malavya Yoga

The Malavya Yoga is formed when the planet Venus is located in its own sign, i.e. Taurus and Libra or in adulation, i.e. Pisces and in the Kendra house that is first, fourth, seventh and tenth house from the Moon.

As an example, when Aries is the ascendant for the inhabitant and the planet Venus is located in its own house, that is the Libra and the Malavya Yoga is constructed to the resident.

Malavya Yoga is one of the “5 Great Yoga”. The exact meaning of the word “Malavya” is related to the country Malava which is located in the central India. So it is a such a yoga which we can practice properly to make ourselves healthy and wealthy too.

Malavya Yoga may help the resident with many a good thing depending upon the power of the Yoga in a horoscope as well as the whole activity of horoscope of the resident. As per Vedic Astrology, the planet Venus is believed as planet connected with the women, prettiness, negotiation, business, comfort life, marriage life, inventiveness and many other things. The creation of the Malavya Yoga in the horoscope may help the resident with a gorgeous and caring wife, good result in trade, a life full of comforts and well-famed on the national and International stage. The resident belongs to Malavya Yoga is naturally very attractive and he has a delightful and charismatic character that attracts others simply, particularly the resident of the opposite gender.

It is interesting that a resident belong to the Malavya Yoga will not take part in any action that pays him more than he affords. This cost might be in the substantial, poignant or religious terms.

The physical features of the Malavya Yoga resident are they are sparkly with thin waist, standard build and attractive lips and with a usual red skin. They will have white, equal and good teeth and a lovely smell of the body. The ways of the women are shinning. The limbs are powerful and the arms are very long. He has a royal voice. He is praiseworthy, open-minded, determined, powerful and lucky. He gets children, life partner and vehicles.

He loves his life. He is self-decadent; he or she belongs to powerful sense of humour. An individual will be shrewd, talks wisely and gratifying others. His facial structures are striking. They are fond of physical pleasures, appreciated by the lord of the land.

Malavya yoga is one of the most favourable yoga to the native. To know if you have Malavya Yoga please generate our free horoscope.