Mrigasirisa Nakshatra

Mrigasira Nakshatra
The Mrigasira Star stands for woods, gardens, roaming and hunting in the forest, a guide and teacher. This will be an erotic intimacy; face is attractive because of the Moon. Their main objective is to find the hidden treasures after the roiling with the sea, i.e. Samudra Manthan as per the mythology of Hindu. The planet Moon is the owner of the mind. So all the psychological approach whether it is bad or good, antipathies and sympathies, impatience and patience, the serenity or restlessness, creativeness, poet, holy, cuteness and bright,
bodily and mental side, all of these come under this star. Both the planet Venus and the Moon are female planets. Where the moon is the owner of motherliness, maternal character, the Venus is the owner of womanly prettiness, the configuration of womanly form, the bodily fineness. In the case of Moon, there is sophistication and majesty of the female while in the case of Venus, there is the physical attractiveness and tempt of female form which makes a man imprison and dominative. The Moon is the owner of sea and medicines. Hence the Moon rises from the Sea. The power and relationship have to be drawn in the case of the Moon.

The man under this star is tall and possesses good skin. He is educated enough and taken his time for work. He is conflicting; he will provide a very good tip to the people but in case own, he does not follow the same. They are not faithful but genuine in the moves towards life. Their family time is not good enough as the behaviour of the family members disgust them. Their marriage is burdened with contradict over each others’ last position in the life. If he wants a healthy life, he must have taken care of his stomach.

The women under this star are very attractive and good looking. They are tall and thin. She is capable of doing study and job as the man does. The female of the Mrigasira Nakshatra are intellect and have a good sense of humour. One bad point should be surmounted is her tendency to cut with her tongues. Her nuptial life is usually full of happiness and she may enjoy several years with her hubby. She has an immense long for wealth.

The searching quality leads Mrigasira good at creativeness. It passes through like a deer from one occurrence to another. On the negative side, this is perfect to a resident following the mirage and it leads the possibility of treachery, showiness and uncertainness. Though, the propensity to go beyond them-selves makes them nervous and it is the cause of metal tiredness. They are impulsive, zippy and like meeting with people, though they are timid. Mrigasira resident is highly doubtful with the capability to sense the danger. This can be worrying in the nuptial life. Strong powers of this star produce nuptial disharmony which is curable if they time to each other.