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These signs are classified among the small lines of one’s hand. But they have huge importance in one’s life. The Girdle of Venus is sometimes found broken and sometimes unbroken. It is a curve line. It starts from the bottom of your 1st finger to the bottom of your 4th finger . It must be kept in mind that hand is divided through the head Line into 2 hemispheres. They are upper hemisphere and lower hemisphere. The lower hemisphere connects with the corporeal or much more animal portions of the character. The upper hemisphere connects with the intellectual. It is logical to predict that the Girdle of Venus connects with mental portion of the imagery of the nature of Venus. If you possess this kind of sign in your palm then you have the sensuality of mentality than of physically. You love to write or read on the problem of adolescence and physical relation. But you do not possess the tendency to use your ideas or theories in the real life. This line indicates danger and more active if the Girdle of Venus configures itself from Mount of Saturn to the Mercury. Then your imaginings are gloomy and unhealthy.

If it is made up of small pieces or broken the Girdle of Venus has small meaning apart from showing a panic-stricken nature along with the fancy to the tendencies which are mentioned above. If you possess this type of sign then you may suffer very much from moods in all cases. You are very complicated to live with. If the Girdle of the Venus runs away the side of your palm and crosses through the Line of Marriage then your unpredictable and moody characteristics usually leads your conjugal relation in unhappy incident.

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