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Travel Line - Palminstry

Voyages and Travel can be noticed on your palm by the small lines which leave the Life Line and curve over to the Mount of Moon. These lines are also observed on this Mount (2).  If the Travel Line is observed on the Life Line and it refers the maps executing dates then it is possible to get a clear idea when you may go for travel. If the Line of Life separated itself and 1 branch of it bends to the Mount of Moon then it indicates your whole life may full of travel and change. In this case it may not be possible to predict precisely in advance the date of journeys apart from using the extrasensory perception. If the Life Line seemingly leaves its actual route and sweeps to the Mount of Moon then your life may be full of continual journey. You may not be able to settle anywhere. Your end of life in this case may pass in some far distant from your birth place. When the Life Line possess no branch or line leaving it and running in the reverse side and remains in the form of semicircle across the Mount of Venus (3-3) then you significantly free from travel and voyages. You may spend your all the years in your birth place. Travel line palmistryIf the Line of Travel from the Life Line finishes in a little cross then the voyages carry out may end in smoke (4). If this line finishes in a square then you may be in great danger at the course of journey. But you may run away from it as the square is the symbol of protection from the danger. If the Line of Travel finishes in an island then your travel may finish in a loss (5). If the Line of Travel crosses over on or near to the Mount of Moon and finishes in a circle or spilt then you may face great danger. Even you have the chance to lose your life during the journey. You may face much more danger while travelling on the water if you take birth between the following dates:

(1) From 21st June to 21st July.

(2) From 21st October to 21st November.

(3) From 21st February to 21st March.

You may face much more danger while travelling on land through the accident and collision of trains if you take birth between the following dates:

(1) From 21st April to 21st May.

(2) From 21st August to 21st September.

(3) From 21st December to 21st January.


You may fall in danger through tornadoes, storms, lighting, thunder and any other natural calamities if you take birth between the following dates:

(1) From 21st May to 21st June.

(2) From 21st September to 21st October.

(3) From 21st January to 21st February.


Normally, accidents are symbolised by the lines which are descending from Mount of Saturn and adjoining the Line of Life (6). If it falls on the Head Line then you have the chance to head injury (7). Those are descending lines which seem deeper on the Mount and narrow at the time of coming downwards.