Thumbs - Palminstry

Thumbs - Palminstry

In the finding the nature through the configuration of your palm, the Thumb has the same significance as the nose to your face. Thumb represents your usual may Power. And the Line of Head indicates your Mental Will. Your character must be shown through your Thumb. Appropriately, the Thumb represents the 3 great genres of ideas, such as Will, Logic and Love. Love in indicated by the bottom of your Thumb that is covered on your palm by Mount of Venus. Your middle phalange indicates Logic. The top of the Thumb, i.e. nail part denotes the Will. If the separation is noticed in large then the characteristics are increased. If the separation is found small then they have the small role in your life. 2 distinct types of Thumbs are there. They are supple-jointed and firm-jointed. The former of the separations is your Thumb curving to the out and supple at the joint bottom of your nail. It indicates a natural flexibility and adaptability to the other. If you are possess this kind of Thumb then you have very broad-mind. You are not unconventional. You are not obstinate in the opinions of life.

This feature may get a growth when the Line of Head is observed bending and sloping to the down. When the Head Line is observed lying straight to your hand then you are conservative in nature. The supple-jointed Thumb indicates the kindness of your mind both in respect of money and thought is concerned. Actually, you are more extravagant than the people who possess straight firm-jointed Thumb. You may give more of you as you think it is your moral duty. If your Thumb is nearer to your hand or tied down closely or confined to your hand then you may possess the inclination to hold or grasp. Actual miser always possess a Thumb confined to the palm along with the crawled in nail phalange like the individual’s mind wanted to hold or retain all things. The supple-jointed Thumb is much more spontaneous in its desire to provide than the firm-jointed Thumb. In case of firm-jointed Thumb, it demands indication before giving a view. If you possess supple-jointed Thumb and someone wants your favour then someone must remember that you have the inclination to yield on the whim of the moment. If someone doesn’t push his point home instantly then you are liable at first to make a promise and later change your mind.

In case of the firm-jointed Thumb it is exactly opposite that of the supple-jointed Thumb. If you are holder of firm-jointed Thumb and one needs your favour then you may refuse it at that moment. But in the reflection you may agree to the proposal. But if you make your mind then your may stick to your opinion or judgment. If anyone opposes your opinion or judgment then your determination may increase more. The stiff-jointed Thumb is apparent sign of much more opposing nature. If your nail phalange is long then your may Power may be stronger and powerful. You hardly make friends rapidly or easily as the other type of people. If you are taking a journey through rail then you do not make any conversation with your fellow travelers. If you have to do so then it may be the kind of argument that the window should be left shut or open. You even help the other poor tourist if he possesses firm-jointed Thumb. On contrary, if you possess supple-jointed Thumb then you have the inclination to involve in the conversation with the strangers. Frequently, you make some good friends at the time of travelling. You are friendly and delightful companion. You have the inclination to give in without hesitate to the desire of other people. Actually, this kind of nature has weakness which must be guarded against.

You are full of enormous quantity of pals around your surroundings. It may greatly be qualified by the appearance and position of the Head Line which is the symbol of the improved Mental Will. If you possess supple middle or lower joint Thumb then it doesn’t connect with may but to phalange of your Logic. If it is observed you adapt yourself to the circumstances than the people. You conclude that you should adapt or bend yourself to the circumstances or conditions of life in which you are placed. The Clubbed Thumb looks like a thick club. If you possess this type of Thumb then you are belong to Elementary type in respect of your may is concerned. You are brutal in nature. You act like the animal in your awkward obstinacy. If you are opposed then you fly into the uncontrollable fervour and blind anger. You have hardly control over yourself. You are inclined to go to the extreme of crime or violence at the time of your temper. Actually, the Clubbed Thumb has been chosen “murder’s thumb” as it is found on many thumb of the murderers. You could not premeditate or plan out a crime as you would not possess the strong-minded may or power to think.

You may be much more bully in passion if the Clubbed Thumb is short. You may have hardly control over your mind and will. The Waist-like Thumb and “straight” configuration should also be regarded as the reverse of each other in their situations. In this matter, the variation is in the class of Reason or Logic. The Waist-like Thumb depends much on those things which you rely. It possesses diplomacy and tact to obtain strength in its own path. The straight Thumb does not possess tact. If you possess this kind of Thumb then you may depend on reason and argument in any matter. If the 3rd phalange or Thumb is located under term of Love and found long then it indicates much more rule over the class of Sensuality and Love. If it is thick and short then your sensuality or passion is like of animal.