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Mercury Mount - Palminstry

The Mount of Mercury is observed under the bottom of your 4th finger. On a good palm it is an auspicious sign to possess. But if your hand shows malefic tendency, particularly Mental then it grows the bad indication. It is likely to associate more with your mind than anything. It provides you expressiveness, though, humour and promptness of brain. It is also connected with the adaptability in commerce and science. If it is wickedly cause problem then it indicates nervousness, mental excitability and deficiency of concentration, deviousness in business and anything which is erratic in character. This Mount must always be regarded with the type of Head Line observed in your palm. If you possess a long Head Line and well marked then it grows all the influences of mental ability and success. If you possess a weak and irregular or badly marked Line of Head then it enlarges all the bad or weak indications.


This Mount may be regarded Positive if you take birth in between 21st May to 20th June and a little bit until the 27th of June. In last 7 days its strengths may not as much as in the previous one month. Persons take births at this time are denoted through the sign of twins in the Zodiac. It is a very interesting fact that the person who takes birth in this time is unusually dual in temperament and character. If you possess this sort of Mount then one part of your nature may be described as continuously hauling against the other part. You possess abnormal intelligence. You often ruin your career through be short of continuity in your plans and purposes. You hardly possess a permanent idea of what you actually wish. You change your plans or professions at a nick of time. If you are not got the chance to be a happy conjugal life then you are uncertain in nuptial relationship. You are most problematic of all classes to be understood. At the same time you remain hot and cold.

You may adore fervently with one part of your character and rapidly hate the other part. You are very much critical minded people. You find small mistakes of other people. You may express your opinions with a mockery. In the all trade affairs or dealings where a delicate, eager mentality is needed, you may outstrip all rivals. You show that you are adequately concerned to enter into this rivalry. You are brilliant in diplomacy. You are a gifted talker. Normally, you leave your listeners at the last stage of your conversation. If occupy as you are and with your mood then you are the most amusing person that you can think of. But none may expect you to be same in the following day.

You think that you are the most honest person in the earth. To you a moment looks like a whole life. Hence, after few days your same story may be different from the previous one. None of you may possibly agree with it in respect of your character. But a little reading may induce everyone that it is an exact explanation to your main characteristic. Any sort of mental work you like to do more than the other people. You may become a barrister, actor, public speaker. You may turn into a diplomat. You may become stock broker, inventor of new scheme in the business or company promoter. In these professions you need to use your brain. Hence you have high chance to get success in these areas.


You are likely to face the problem of nerves. You may face upset stomach through nervous anxiety or worried. You may suffer also from paralysis, catalepsy, stammering, suffering of tongue and sleeplessness. There is a possibility that you may face the fragility of throat and the bronchial tube. You may face the problem with your eyes and nose.


The Mount is regarded Negative or Mental if you take birth in between 21st August to 20th September and a little bit until 27th of September. But the last 7 days are less effective. If you possess the Mount of Mercury Negative or Mental then you also possess all good influences of the Mount of Mercury Positive apart from some additional favour. You attach longer and with much more stability to whatever career or study you adopt. You are not so brilliant in quickness. But you possess much more solid and finicky course of activity. As per general norm, you make more out of your life. You are more worldly and practical in your opinions of life. But you reason and analyse everything from your own style of thinking to the other people. If you feel a substance or matter is right then the same is right to you. Hence, it is seen that you do exact opposite from what one expects from you.

If you are a female then you are questioning and mysterious. You are either excessive righteous or exactly opposite. Even you may either frank or conservative or opposite. Whether it is bad or good, you are a law unto yourself. And in this case, you normally think of yourself at first. You frequently leave your children or hubby only because you feel you have to do so. You are likely to change your spiritual views in the mid of your life or from the straight abruptly become the opposite. If you started your career through leading eccentric life then there is a possibility that you may suddenly turn into a religious being and go into some excessive strict community or order. You should be watchfully considered your Line of Head. Then you attempt to build assess of what you may ultimately become. If the Line of Head is straight and clear then as per norm you best characteristics appear for your rescue. If your Line of Head is poorly marked or weak then it seems that the malefic part of your nature may dominate you most. 


In respect of your physical condition is concerned you are more likely to face mental problem than the other people. If you feel that you are not well then it is fairly enough that you are ill. You may become alleviated exactly in the same way. In fact, you possess an excellent configuration except at the time when you are destroyed by taking medicine and drug. You always think that you possess something in that matter, you are habitually the willing quarry of fraud doctors and each and every new treatment which is advertised. You seldom pass a medical shop without buying anything. If you sit beside a doctor at the dinner table then you are obvious to go to him with few prescriptions. Your biggest mistake is that you are preserve to talk with everybody of your imaginary afflictions or ailments. If you have a little bit pain or something like that then you give it maximum important in your mind. Actually, only nature may do for you than any other doctor. Your all ailments and ills may banish into oblivion if you get peaceful mind, ample of fresh air and a country life. If you meet with bad people and live in unhappy atmosphere then your health breaks up very quickly. If you are unable to change the unhappy condition into a happy one then nothing in the world can cure you.