Mounts - Palminstry

Mounts - Palminstry

The Mounts of Hand differ as per your disposition, character and temperament. These Mounts are much more observed in the people of Southern countries than the Northern countries. Those people who possess prominent or apparent Mounts are much more emotional than the people who possess undeveloped Mounts and flat palms. The names provided to the Mounts of Hands are those 7 planets which influence the fate of earth. Those planets are The Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. The Greek scholars provided the name of those Mounts. It is related to the characteristic of those 7 planets. These are:

  • Venus is associated with Love, passion and sensuality.
  • Mars is related to Vitality, fighting, courage, etc.
  • Mercury is associated with Mentality, science and commerce.
  • Moon is associated with Imagination, changeability and romance.
  • Sun is related to Brilliancy, success and fruitfulness.
  • Jupiter is related to Ambition, domination and power.
  • Saturn is associated with Reserve, seriousness and melancholy.


In Zodiac, our earth is surrounded by the 12 houses of the 7 main planets of the Solar System. Astrologers and Astronomers described Zodiac as the way of the Universe. It is around 16 in which the planets move. Zodiac is separated into 12 Houses or Signs of 30 each. The Sun comes into the new sign in every 30 days in an average. 1 Solar year completes when its finishes the Zodiac circle of 360 at the end of 12 months. The architect of our life, the Sun is a great mystery of the Universe. It is almost 330,000 times bigger than the Earth. When it enters into a new Zodiac Sign, it adjusts the magnetic ambiances of the effect of every sign to the Earth. Hence, it is logical to predict that an inhabitant takes his birth in April and another takes his birth in May possess different features and usually a different fate as the character is Destiny or Fate. In respect of disease and health the following tables regarding the Mounts of Hand, taken in the combination with birth date may enable you at the time of reading your hand to tell in accuracy. It may be compelling both to yourself and to your listeners.