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The Mount of the Jupiter is placed at the bottom of the 1st finger. If the Mount of Jupiter is found large then it indicates the desire for dominating and commanding and ruling other. You are organised and like to lead. You successfully complete few distinct aims. It is only be liable if the Head Line is long and clear. If the line is poor and formed badly then the big Mount of Jupiter provides pride, excess of egotism, self-confident and an arrogant person. In case of good hand, there is not any Mount much more brilliant and certain indication of victory from complete strength of nature and purpose.

The Mount of Jupiter regarded as Positive if you take birth in between 21st November to 20th December and a little bit until 28th of December. You are normally fearless, ambitious and decided in your work which you undertake. But in fulfilling your desire you normally hit very straight from your shoulder or exhibit your goal very plainly that it raises enmity, bitterness and opposition. You focus all your attention on whatsoever you are doing at that moment. And you like to work in your own way; particularly of you think the least resistance to your plan. You are highly principle and honourable at more or less in every work which you undertake and react to any confidence or faith placed in you. You are normally excessive truthful and acrimoniously dislike any attempt at trickery. You do not vacillate to reveal any attempt to betray others even at that time when this kind of activity may ruin your own plan. You posses immense endeavour in business and any matters regarding the organisation. You simply become the boss of the business or grasp honourable and responsible place under the government or in the government office. You hardly turn into a politician as you can’t tolerate to bend in any schemes or party plans. You are most liberal of all in selecting your career. It is because that your father may be a clergyman and there is no reason to follow the example of your father or grasp similar opinion on religion. It is because that in your early days you are a reason of anxiety and worry to your parents. But your parents must always allow you to select your own career. Even they allow changing it many times if you wish to change until finding your true profession.

The big mistake of you is that you are prone to go to the end of anything. Hence you exhaust your effort and change your motive and move toward another profession. But, if the Head Line is marked well, particularly when it lies straight through your palm then there is no limit in responsibility or position which you cannot achieve.


You have the tendency to suffer from acid complaints and rheumatism than any other disease. There is also a chance that you may suffer from the inflammation of throat and tongue, carbuncles, boils, different kinds of skin problem like eczema.


The Mount of Jupiter is regarded as negative or mental if you take birth in between 19th February to 20th March and a little bit until 28th of March. At that time your aim takes much more mental form than the metal form. Your speciality is much more improvement of brain and brain work than the other form of effort.   You seem to have a type of natural indulgent of things. You can easily obtain all kinds of knowledge in various things, particularly in the history of races, human civilisation, countries, botanical, geographical and geological researches. Despite this type of talent, you normally are excessive sensitive. You have lack of self-confidence. For this reason you face difficulty in fulfilling your strategy and making others believe in your projects. Hence, you are likely to disappear from appearing before the people and keeping aside from them. Then you may see that the credit goes to the other what actually was your plan. Many composers, literary persons, and artists take birth at this time and show all their qualities they possess. If your Line of Head is powerful and clear then it indicates that your mental strength is enough to surmount the natural insightfulness. Then you can apply the immense qualities you possess to fulfil your ambitions and wishes.


If you take birth in this time then you may mainly suffer from sleeplessness, dejection and a feeling of death due to faith of religion. It is similar to the Positive Mount of Jupiter in respect of suffering from rheumatism and circulation problem of blood. It is possible that you may suffer from jaundice, internal pain and liver problem. Your health may deteriorate for climate change. Hence, you are advised to live in dry, bright atmosphere. You have to exercise a lot. Hence, it may require changing your destination of journey.

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