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The Mount of Saturn is observed at the bottom of your 2nd finger. Its main features are prudence, love of loneliness, quiet willpower, reading of serious things and the faith in fatalism. The most important feature is the ultimate fate of all matters. If you do not possess this Mount then it denotes that you like to look the life in almost playful way. If it is embellished in your hand then it indicates an amplification of all characteristics it symbolises. The Mount of Saturn is regarded Positive if you take birth in between 21st December to 20th January and a little bit until 28th January. If you take your birth in this period then you may possess powerful willpower and mentality. But it is a fact that you normally feel very isolated and lonely in the course of life. You are childish in nature. You have no control over any circumstances. It is likely that you may ruin your career single handily for your strong will.

You are normally exceptional in your activity and thought. You do not like to work subordinately. You can do anything for sympathy and kindness. Normally you feel very much lonely and secluded. Hence, you hardly believe in friendliness and affection which is offered to you. You have odd ideas of duty and love. Hence, you are generally called to some extent peculiar by the people who try to go through your isolation. You possess a very devotional character. Still if you do not appear to be religious, you do every attempt for doing well, particularly to the people. In spite of not getting reward or recognition you try the same. As per rule, you may feel the duties of life very a lot and in result you frequently turn into dejected and depressing or retire into your own world. If you are inclined to the spiritualism, you usually go to the utmost and become dedicated in the Church you adopt.

Occultism and mysticism of all types demand very powerfully to your inner world. In this case too you are inclined to go to the utmost. You are naturally intellectual, clever. You think deeply in any matter which is interest to you. But you can’t tolerate the interference of others in your views. Frequently you are found clutching position of huge responsibility. But in all cases fate is likely to play the vital role in your life. You are likely to be selected the mouthpiece or instrument of Fate or Destiny. You often throw thousands to annihilation in what you think is your duty. If you are told to give a sacrifice of your own family and flesh then you may be the 1st to stab the knife into your dearest one’s heart. More or less the people who possess this kind of Mount are strong characters, strange, loved, hated and equally feared.


You may suffer mainly in gout, rheumatism, inflammation and pains in your legs and feet, limbs and knees. You may suffer in the liver problem. There is a possibility that you may face the kidney problem. You may suffer in the ear disease and cavity of teeth.


The Mount of Saturn is regarded Negative or Mental if you take birth in between 21st January to 18th February and a little bit of next 7 days. You are similar to the Positive Mount of Saturn in almost everything. But the differences are these may affect you much more mentally than the physically. You may spend solitary life. Your lonely life affects you mentally. You may possess a few pals in your thoughts and strategies. But in case of Positive Mount, they have very little companionship in their careers and lives. You are much more sensitive. Anyone can easily hurt your feelings. You are able to read a character automatically. You seem to support economically through a period of time to the persons for their happiness. You very much hate deceiving. If you feel that you have been deceived then you astonish everyone through the hostility of your resentment.

You make trustworthy and true pals. If your emotions are once stirred up then you may go through any kind of sacrifice for your friend. But you may not stop at anything to take revenge an injury if you feel you have been betrayed. Normally, you are very much active for the sake of people. You provide a good agreement of your time and finance to doing well in your own path. Similar to the Mount of Saturn Positive you have very much determined in your opinions about religion, particularly the daily ceremonials and observances of the Cathedral Life. You have a strong inclination towards the large assembling of people and any public meetings. You love concerts, theatres and places of enjoyment. In spite of that if you told any truth then you feel alone in your life. You possess hypnotise power in your eyes. In spite of that you are very much nervous. But you have the immense control over nervous and emotional patient and the insane too. It is very odd fact that in the course of your career you seem predestined to be got in touch with this type of cases.


You mostly suffer from the digest and stomach problems. You may not cure through ordinary treatment. As per rule, you may possess very poor blood circulation. You have cold hands and feet. Your teeth are very subtle. You have the possibility to suffer much through accident or ankle or limb injury. You hardly feel healthy. In spite of that, you possess extreme resistance power. If a call is made on your determination then you astonish every people through your talent, particularly if you feel that your responsibility or ideas are engaged or at issue.

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