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The space of the hand under the bottom of your Thumb and within the Life Line is known as the Mount of the Venus. If it is well formed and medium in size then it indicates a long for companionship and love, the wish to please, adoration of beauty in all form, the creative and sensual temperament. Normally, it is very much prominent in the palms of all singer, artists and musicians. The Mount of Venus covers one of the most significant vessels of blood in the hand, i.e. the Great Palmer Arch. It this arch or loop is large then it denotes an ample supply of blood and powerful active blood circulation. As a result, the health may be much more vigorous. If you possess the well developed Mount of Venus then your health may be strong enough. Generally, you are full of enthusiasm. If you possess poor Mount of Venus then your health condition may not be good one.

You may not full of enthusiasm. For this reason, if the Mount is medium or not so large then it is believed to exhibit passion and bigger sensuality than the people of non-developed, flat palm. If this Mount is large or high then it is called Positive. If it is flat or small then it is called Negative or Mental. If you possess the well shaped Mount of the Venus and remaining part of your palm is normal then it is an extraordinary sign to possess. It indicates attraction and magnetism of one gender to another. If observed together with abnormal or vicious marks in your palm then it increases those inclinations. If you take birth in between 20th April to 20th May and a little bit until the 27th of May then you possess the Positive Mount of Venus.

You possess an inquisitive domination influence over the other people. You are noticed to be very much dogmatic in your opinions. You are almost oppressive and steadfast. You are believed to be determined and stubborn. But the interesting fact about you is that if you love someone then you turn into the most miserable slaves of all in respect of your devotion. You think that no sacrifice is so great for your love one. You are friendly and generous. You love to entertain your pals. You are the good host. You have enormous taste about the food. You love to provide outstanding dinner. Your taste in respect of dress is huge. You are believed to be the richer than you actually are. You are capable of showing well on very little. You are spontaneous in your dislikes and likes, rather too outspoken and candid, very fast in temper. If you get angered then none may restraint you on what you say.

 Your temper or passion less down quickly. When you become cool then you start to regret for your misdeeds. You are easily provoked by your surroundings. You turn into morose and down in the dumps if you have to live in the inhospitable or gloomy condition. If you are female or a male whatever you are, you must not marry in your early days. Normally, your 1st try is a mistake. You are so liberal in nature that, particularly if you marry early in life and find your fault then you lead unusual life. You are criticises for this reason too. You have the inclination to the jealousy if your affection is roused, particularly at that time when the peace and harmony of your home are disturbed by some reason.



If you take your birth in this Mount then you normally possess round shaped or short nails which are an indication to suffer from the problem of nose and throat. As per norm, you may suffer from headache and ear problem. You may feel the swelling in your neck. There is a possibility that that you may suffer from tumours or appendicitis. You may suffer in intestinal problems also.


The Mount of Venus is believed to be the Negative or Mental if you take birth in between 21st September to 20th October and a little bit until the 2th of October. You are hardly found to be prominent. The reason is the affection you possess is only for some time and it is much more mental than the physical. Your love is religious than the sensual or physical. You long for more soul friendship than the physical senses. It is a fact that there is exception. The exception can easily be exhibited by examining if you possess a long Mount of the Venus in your palm or not. However all mental features rule very strongly. You may possess an intense perception and the mental balance of all matters which is not provided to the other people. You have psychic and presentiments experiences, clairvoyance and dreams.

You frequently spoil through your reasoning nature. And you try to answer all the difficulties by the medium of your mind or mental characteristic. You may never be a happy one in case of love affairs. You can’t let yourself go like the Mount of Venus Positive. You hesitate and lose the opportunity while thinking. Hence, the love passes by and frequently leave you nothing but be sorry. Hence, you are advised to do more in your 1st impression and feeling. And you should grab the opportunity which the Destiny throws in your way. You occupy yourself excessively may any sort of mental questions in respect of your fellow beings. You are frequently observed to study law. And it is not for you. It is for sake of other people. You possess an immense wish for knowledge. You frequently spend your life in reading profound subjects though all the time you balance and control each and every part in the most reliable way. You become an outstanding lawyer, doctor or judge. But you may not famous world wide as you keep yourself in a specific position.


You have the tendency to face the problem related to your physical strength. Your nerves may exhaust. Your spirit may be depressed. You may suffer from melancholia. You may feel loneliness right through your life. You may face severe headache, loins and pains in your back. There is a possibility that you may suffer in renal problem. If you are a female then you may suffer in internal disease. You frequently undergo with severe operations.