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The Mount of Mars possess 2 position on your palm. 1st is observed right away under the upper portion of Line of Life. Another is observed in between Line of Head and Line of Heart. The 1st one is associated with your physical characteristic. And the 2nd one is related to your mental characteristic. In the 1st case, if it is large then it is Positive. It possesses much more meaning if you take your birth in between 21st March to 21st April and slightly until the 28th of April. This part of the years in Zodiac Sign is known as House of Mars (Positive). In the 2nd case, it is regarded as Negative. It possesses much more importance if you take your birth in between 21st October to 21st November and slightly until the 28th of November. This part of the years in Zodiac Sign is known as House of Mars (Negative). It has huge difference in respect of its position and affect. It possesses the relation to your health and the inclination towards the disease.


THE FIRST MOUNT OF MARSAt the beginning of the Life Line in the 1st Mount of Mars, particularly if you take your birth in the House of Mars, i.e. in between 21st March to 21st April and a little bit until 28th April then you have a powerful aggressive nature. This nature may make you an obvious inclination in all the activities of life whether you are a soldier, businessman or a leader of people in any sector. You are a born fighter in every aspect of world. You hardly have control over any affair. You like to be a leader whatever work you undertake. Even with mediocre intelligence you normally turn into the boss of a business or organisation. You normally accept huge responsibilities. You possess a mighty determination and obstinacy of principle. You do not like any criticism. You are determined and inflexible in your opinions. You hardly take anyone’s advice. You should do anything in your own style. You think that your style is the only path to achieve something. There is a possibility that you may depend on your best friend who can try to deter you from your purpose or plans. You can only be managed or controlled through patience, kindness, tact or by your affection. A little bit try to force or fight you may invoke you in arms at the spur of the moment. Your temper is rushed and dangerous. But your anger runs away quickly.

When you become cool then you resentfully regret the eruption of passion and unkind things you have said at that very moment. According the rule, you are generous and good natured. But at the same time you are sporadic and impetuous in all your activities. Your utmost mistake lies in your deficiency in self-control and recklessness. If the good Head Line does not find on your palms then you hustle frantically into all types of difficulties and jeopardise. You frequently get confused in your opportunities and the splendid leadership powers which you possess. You may not happy in your affairs in love or family life. You hardly meet that sort of woman who realise you. But if you are very much lucky to escape from it then it may effect on your children. Your health may not be good enough. You have the inclination towards fever and disease related to blood, particularly in your early days.

In your young age you may suffer from extreme headache, epilepsy, cavity of teeth or brain disease. In your old age there is a great chance to suffer from stroke, dizziness, headache and brain disease particularly at that time if your palm’s Head Line gets frayed or built up in small sections as a chain. Hence, you are advised to develop relax self-control. And most importantly you should avoid spirits, wines and all kinds of stimulants. You have the weakness towards these types of drinks. Then there may be a chance to remain a little bit healthy in your life. You must try to sleep much more time than the other people. You must try more exercise in an open air. And most importantly you have to restrain your pride and control your temper. If you practice it then you have a chance to climb any height of the life. Only then you may be capable of doing magnificent things for the profit of your fellow men.


THE SECOND MOUNT OF MARSThe 2nd Mount of Mars are placed in between the Line of Heart and Line of Head. It is very crucial if you take your birth in between 21st October to 21st November and a little bit 28th of November. It is known as House of Mars Negative or Mental in Zodiac. It is the exact opposite of the former in nature, mental attitude to the people and the qualities of Mars. The 2nd Mount of Mars is mentally very brave. It has moral guts than the physical. If you possess this kind of Mount then you abhor to possess scenes and to merge with the bloodshed or physical violence. You adore to battle mentally. In arguments or debates you fight to the end. You are much more resolute than the people of 1st Mount of Mars. You are much more obstinate in your opinions though do not reveal your opinions. You frequently get success to assent party actually. You are born organiser. The profession of an organiser suits you most than the leader.

You possess a tough mental power. There is a possibility that you are associated with military activities. You have to make strategy or tactics carefully regarding any economical scheme or storage of ammunitions. If not then you may ruin. If it is not developed or cultivated highly then you may craft and cunning of every account to accomplish your plans. You may not stop anything to fulfill your intention. You may be the utmost disloyal and lethal enemy of all. You are like a wet blanket. You possess a mysterious influence of magnetism. Automatically you are seen to apply in dealing with the other people. You create natural thought-reader and hypnotists. You have strong inclination towards the study of supernatural. At the period of highly improved plane, you apply these strange qualities for the good of human civilisation, particularly if you adopt a study of science or medicine.

Actually you are well suited in these kinds of work. You are normally versatile and talents. Hence it is very difficult to place you in a particular career. If your hand possesses a good Head Line then there is not anything in the earth of mental effort in which you may unable to get success. It is a very interesting fact that you hardly successfully complete for what you actually trained for the 1st time. Actually, in the course of life you are liable to change your career or profession as much time as the well-known cat has lives. The main mistake of you is you are very much flexible to your environs and to those whom you come into contact. If you come into contact with evil-minded people then you have the inclination to adapt the qualities of your companions.

It may be possible that you try for going one better. But when you come into contact with the influence of good people then you certainly improve your qualities from them. Your time in the Zodiac has from the old age and it is symbolised in your lower improvement as the structure of the scorpion wounds its tail and your higher improvement which is pointed out towards the upper direction to the sky by the head of an eagle. This type of sign accurately point up the dual characteristic of the kind under consideration. In your lower phase nothing can be much more harmful or nasty even after wounding yourself and giving raise your own destruction. In your higher form, there is not anything whose religious characteristic can, such as the eagle, fly to this type of heights or is free from the earthly ties.

You, particularly at your young age must be brought up carefully with accompany of good people. You must be warned to control over your lust. You have to be kept away from all wicked people and malefic books. In respect your health is concerned, you have the tendency to fall in ill is your early days. But normally you suffer from slackness after you pass the middle age. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are liable to face problem regarding your reproductive organs, particularly at your young age. You also have the inclination to suffer from bladder of kidney. When you become old, you may suffer in the stomach and digest problem. Hence you are advised to be careful on your health right through your life. You have to abstemious in your diet.