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The Life Line runs around the bottom of thumb. It lies directly with the great Palmer Arch (1-1), the large blood vessel. This vessel is connected directly with your stomach, heart and very important organs of your body. It is very logical to predict that it has the close relation with the important organs of your body that helps to forecast the period of life from the natural causes. If you remember this fact in your mind then it may help you to know the difficulties arise in near future regarding your health and disease is concerned. The 1st thing you should memorise about the normal Life Line is whether it is clearly marked, long, without any breaks or irregularities or not. This type of configuration denotes your life’s length, freedom from disease, energy and the strength of your body (1-1). You may notice that if the mark is clear then your stomach and digest organs should be in good condition.


If it builds up of small pieces or joined like the chain then it is sign of very poor heath, lack of strength and weak stomach. The Line of Life looks in each and every sense to turn into the representative on the palm of the body or man’s trunk. Hence, the location of this split, sign, links or island indicates the part of your body mostly affected. You should know that each and every line on your palm has dual characteristic. One characteristic is by which disease you may suffer more right through your life. Another characteristic is when this disease may reach its extreme point. The Sections of Life Line along with its different tendency separated by the Mount at the bottom of your fingers. It may significantly help you to realise your importance along with the authority of your birth’s month as it is placed in the chapter of Mounts of Hand. It may help you to achieve accuracy in all the matters connected to disease, health and the dangers of your life which till date you do not face.


Life Line is very significant line. Some people hold shallow and broad Life Line and some holds fine and deep Life Line in their hands. You often mislead its appearance. If you do not pay attention in its appearance then your life is going to be astray. If you hold broad Life Line then you have a healthy and strong figure. In case of clear and deep line it is not so. The shallow and broad Line of Life looks to belong to the persons who possess much more vigorous animal power. But the finer or clear Line of Line connects to the persons who possess much more will-power or nerve strength. If you possess finer and clear Life Line then you have the strength to cure the disease or injuries. But the people of broad Line of Line do not possess this resisting power. Broad Life Line indicates the strong muscle power than the may power. If your hand is soft and the Life Line is built in the formation of chain (1-1) then you may continue bad health condition right through your life. But if you possess hard hand then this type of configuration does not make you so weak as the case of soft hand. One more point is to be remembered is whether the Life Line goes directly to the upper direction of Mount of Venus and thins the Mount (2-2) or it creates a clear arc or curve into the hand (3-3). In case of the 1st type, it denotes normally a more subtle configuration and less strength of animal charisma. 1 of the most vital vessels of blood is going from your body to your hands. It is known as the great Palmer Arch. It carried the blood to the thumb’s root of the hands. It is seen that if you have weaker configuration then you are liable to possess the great Palmer Arch thinner information than those who possess a healthy figure and strong blood circulation. If the Mount of Venus is wide and big on your palm then it denotes the more fervent animal characteristic than the case of narrow and thin Mount.

head line variations palmistryTHE LINE OF LIFE AND ITS VARIATIONS

If the Head Line is bent to the down despite going straight through the hand then Mount of Venus denotes that you are attracted more with artistic power, romantic nature and inclination towards love. In the case of the persons who have the Head Line running level across the palm and then Mount of Venus indicates that you are not attracted so much as the former. You may not be attracted with the imaginative power or weakness towards love. Hence it is clear that every matter of this reading is logical. It locates the study to the upper foundation than when it is regarded completely from the superstitious point of view with which it is no longer be related. When the Life Line is observed to go high to the mount of Jupiter (4-4) then you are capable of controlling yourself. Your life is ruled by the determined sides of your nature. If the Life Line goes to the lower direction of hand from the Mount of Mars (5-5) then you possess less control over your temper. If you are young then you may be cantankerous, disobedient and aimless person.


If the Life Line is observed in many ascending lines although it is small then it indicates that your life may be full of great energy. When the lines go upper direction from the Life Line it may be regarded that you have formed a specific effort to whatever is your purpose of your luck at that very moment. If this line is observed climbing to the Mount of Jupiter (1-1) then it denotes that your aim and wish are raised in your life, particularly on the field where you have control over others. When 1 of the lines is found fairly detained or stopped at the Head Line (2-2) then it denotes that you have prevented or broken the effort that began well owing to your wrong judgement or foolishness or mental error. When 1 of the lines arrives and stops at the Heart Line then it indicates that your love or affections is hindered with your special effort. When 1 of the lines joins and crosses the Fate Line (3-3) then it provides 2 clear dates which are inquisitive in its meaning. The 1st date it provides is when it leaves the Life Line on due course to the Line of Fate. The Line of Fate itself may give the date of commence to the Fate Line opposite the right side where the line starts to increase from the Life Line. It indicates that you have made an absolute effort at that very moment in your career to form your own destiny. And also to split free from the people or situations which surround you or tie you down. It is a victorious mark when this line is observed to merge with the Line of Fate, particularly when the Fate Line seems more powerful at that point of intersection.

The 2nd date is provided at the time in the Life Line when one is studying down the Life Line itself. The remarkable point about it is that the recurrence of situations may be observed to happen in the fate. If you observe this line crossing to the Fate Line at your twenty two years of age then the recurrence may happen almost after the twenty two years, i.e. when you may be 44 years old.  It is normally found that this sign may denote that in the 1st occurrence you have broken free from few knots at your early life. And the same incidents may happen at the 2nd date, i.e. later part of your life when you again look to split free from few knots and leave into the earth for yourself. The inquisitive marks frequently assists in settling on the matters related to the marriage. You may clearly affirm your freedom more and go away the knot with the life of your home and leave the world and make battle for yourself as you have done in your early days of your life. At this time you come out from the influence of your parents and looking forward for yourself. If the climbing line is observed crossing over the Mount of Saturn and going through as a single line and do not merge with Line of Fate (6) then you seem to carry out the 2nd fate. When this line leaves the Life Line, it may provide the 1st date of its beginning that mean reverse it on the Line of Fate. If this line is good then it may provide its 2nd date at the time of studying down the Life Line where it carries out the 2nd fate in a victorious climax.