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The Line of Sun which is famously known as the Line of Brilliancy or the Line of Success (1-1) is one of most significant signs on your palm. Its significance in your life is like the importance of the Sun to the Earth. If you do not possess the Line of Sun then you may not get happiness in your life. Even if you possess huge talent in your, you may not be able to utilize it productively as your talents lie in the darkness. Many people do wrong prediction watching the Line of Fate. They predict that you may get immense succeed in your life. But it is not so. If you do not have the Line of Sun then your Fate Line does not help you to get success. Your life may be full of darkness and sorrow. If the Line of Sun is well-marked then you may get good outcomes even if you possess poor Head Line in your hand. It is same in case of the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate.  If you have Sun Line then you may be more appealing. You may control other people. You may receive reward, recognition and honours easily in your life. You may have a brighter and happier character. And it is usually a reason to get success.


No matter what is the date of initiating the Line of Sun, if it appears then anything in your life turn into brighter? You may be full f Prosperity. The Sun Line may appear from the following locations:

From the Line of Destiny, the Line of Life, the Mount of Mars, the Plain of Mars, and the Line of Heart or from the Line of Head it rises. Even it may come as a tiny line on its Mount. If it rises from the Line of Life (2-2) then it denotes that you may get success whatever your life is. If it rises from the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate (3-3) then you may certainly get recognition from whatever you opt as your career. It may be produced by your personal effort. If it is not joined with other lines and rises from the Plain of Mars then your may receive victory after struggles in your life. If it begins from the Mount of Moon (4-4) then you may get success owing to the whim of other people. It is uncertain and changeable. It is not an obvious mark of riches or rock-solid position. This type of sign is observed in the palm of public figures, like actors-actresses, artists, singers, speakers, etc. It is extremely fortunate mark to possess in your palm. If the Line of Sun rises from the Head Line then you get success from your qualities and mental efforts. But it may happen only after you cross the middle of your life. Normally it is observed on the palm of intellectuals, writers, scientists or students of specific branches. If the Line of Sun ascends from the Line of Heart then you may get success in the late in your career depending on the fondness.

Sun line palmistryNormally, it assists a very prosperous and happy marriage life in your later age. If the Line of Sun rises from its own Mount then you may get success so late in your life that it may not have any worth in your life. If the Sun finger, i.e. the 3rd finger of your palm is much longer than your 1st finger along with the Sun Line marked well then it indicates that you have an inclination towards the gambling. Normally all victorious gamblers possess this type of sign. If the 3rd finger is of same length to your 2nd finger then you may possess a great inclination towards the love of wealth. If your 3rd finger is long excessively and curved or twisted then you have the tendency to receive wealth at any cost. This type of line is normally observed in the palms of criminals or thieves who are liable to commit any sort of crime for money. If the Head Line is excessive high on your palm and if it ascends at the end (3-3) then these types of evil characteristics may be observed excessively in you. If a hand is seemed to be artistic in shape along with the long and narrow pointed fingers then the Sun Line indicates the successful career in the Art or in stage performance like singing.  The hand of music composers or music players is hardly a long and thin-shaped as these kind of persons possess a scientific nature. These characteristics are not seen in those who have slim, long and very artistic-shape hand. Then depend on their emotional disposition.

 Those who belong excessive thin and long hands are normally a Psychic type. The Sun Line have very small important than that of the temperament. These kinds of people are very idealistic in wealth, worldly success or in their position. They possess sunny, happy and simply bright nature it the Line of Sun is located on their palms. They experience the life in a dream. And it is the only thing to matter in their life. An inquisitive nature in those hands which possess Line of Sun is the nature of these kinds of people is much more sensitive to the surroundings than those who do not possess the Line of Sun. This is the reason to be regarded this line as the sign of artistic characteristic. The artistic characteristic denotes the adoration of beautiful things, concord relationship with surroundings. If your hand is full of many lines on the Mount of Sun then you may possess the artistic nature. If there is only one line on the Mount of Sun then the diversity of ambitions and plans may prohibit any real victory. If you posses 2 or 3 Lines of Sun running parallel in your hand then it is good. It denotes the victory on 2 or 3 various lines of your work. But if you possess single, straight, and clear Line of Sun in your hand then it is the best line to possess.

If an island is appeared in any portion of Sun Line then it may ruin your career only for that period where it appears (5). Almost in all cases it indicates the public scandal. All reverse lines i.e. which are crossing the thumb side of your palm and particularly from the Mount of Mars, are worse (6-6). If this reverse line cut, pass through or hinder at the Line of Sun anyhow then it indicates the interference or jealousy against people. This reverse line from the Mount of Mars connects with the intrusion of the member of same gender as you. If it rises from Mount of Venus then it connects with the opposite gender of you (7-7). If there is a Star on the Sun Line in your hand then it is one of the most fortunate marks to possess. If you possess a Square on the Sun Line in your hand then it may save you from the attack of your foes. If there is a Cross sign then it is an inauspicious mark. It indicates the troubles and annoyance relating to your position or name. If your hand is hollow then you may lose all strength of the Sun Line. You may never get the positive outcome of the Line of Sun. If you may not possess the Sun Line but possess the other good lines then you may not get positive result however talented on clever you may be. You may feel the difficulties to get the recognition from the people. It may not be possible to you. Actually, your life may full of darkness. None may observe your work.