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The lines connecting to the kids are those which are clearly marked straight lines observed right away above the Marriage Line. A well plan to see the lines is to push this side of your palm with your finger tips. Then you should notice which of the tiny lines excels distinctly and clearly. Sometimes it is marked deeply in the hand. And one more interesting fact is that these lines are observed mainly in the hands of females. Sometimes one has to use magnifying glass to see these lines. If you possess deep and broad lines then you have male children. If it is narrow and fine then it indicates the female kids. If the lines appear straight then it is the indication of healthy and strong kids. If it is crooked or faint then your kids may be faint. If the 1st of the small lines (taking it up from the Marriage Line) is signed with a tiny island then the kids may be delicate in the early days. If the line is marked well at the time of passing the island then there is a possibility that the kids may grow up healthy and strongly. If the line is found broken or ending to the island then the kid may not grow up. If one line comes distinct and clear amongst other lines then the child may resemble to his or her parents. This child may be more victorious than the other child. If one wants to know the no. of kids one may possess then one must count the lines from the outer part of one’s hand to the palm. If you possess a very flat Mount of Venus and developed poorly then you are not able to have any kids at all. And it is much more obvious when the 1st Bracelet is observed ascending like an arc to the palm.

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