Nails - Palminstry

Nails - Palminstry

The study of Nails of Hand is really accurate savior to many diseases. This section of Palmistry at present is considered by most of the medical persons who hardly fail to examine the looks of Nails on the hand of a patient. They are noticeably suggestive of hereditary diseases, particularly heart, spine, lungs and nerves. It is divided into the 4 distinctive parts, such as Narrow, Short, Broad and Long Nails. 


If your nail is very long then the usual formation never comes strong as in the case of medium size of Nails. If you possess Long Nails then you have the inclination to fall in the diseases of Chest and Lungs. If it is noticed fluted or ridged along with the ribs going to the upper portion from the bottom to the end of nail then you may suffer more. The similar kind of Nail but smaller in looks denotes that you may face throat problem. You have the tendency to suffer from inflammation of throat, Laryngitis and Bronchitis. If your Nails are blue in colour then it indicates that you possess poor blood circulation.



If your Nails are short in looks then it indicates that you have the inclination to the weak action of your heart, particularly at the time of very small moon in your nails. If Nails appear excessive flat and downcast into the soft tissue at the bottom then it indicates the disease of nerve. If the Nails are ridged around the Nail from the left to right then it indicates more danger. If the deep furrow in observed around your Nails then it is the indication of sudden illness of your nervous system. If one studies the rules of Palmistry then one can understand the date of illness. It takes 9 months for the nail to increase from the bottom of the outside. Hence, it is very easy to separate the Nails into many sections. If the very deep rib or furrow is noticed near to the end then it denotes that the illness occur about 9 months ago. If the furrow is observed in the middle then is denotes that the illness occur about 4 to 5 months ago. If it is observed at the bottom then it indicates that the illness took place 1 month ago. White spot on the Nails is a mark of general weakness. If the Nail is observed covered by tiny white spots then your health condition is very poor and your nervous system is very low.


If you possess Long Narrow Nails then it indicates the weakness of spinal. If it is bent excessively and excessive thin then it indicates bending of spine and huge weakness of the configuration.


If the Nails become very flat and leaned to lift itself up from the soft tissue to its outer part then it indicates that you have the danger of paralysis. If it seems like a shell and indicated to the bottom then it is more apparent. If the Nails do not have any marks of moons and their colour is blue or white then it is the indication of higher stage of the disease.


If you possess large Moons in your Nails then it indicates the powerful action of heart and fast blood circulation. If it is abnormally large then it indicates that there is excessive pressure in your heart. Your heart beat is very fast. The valves are overextended and danger of collapsing few blood vessels in the brain or in the heart. The small Moons are exactly opposite of this. It denotes very poor circulation of blood, anaemia and weaker heart. If you are close to the death then the Moons are the 1st to assume blue look. At later stage the whole nail turns into blue or more or less black.