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The Mount of Sun is notice under the bottom of your 3rd finger. The Greeks named this Mount as Mount of Apollo. If the Mount of Sun is well developed and large then it denotes publicity, glory. If you possess this Mount then you may wish to shine before your fellow. It is regarded as the good Mount to possess large. It denotes eagerness for all the beautiful things whether it is artistic or not. If you possess this large Mount besides successful practical life you may build an awesome house or possess artistic ambience of some kind. You have an excessive temperament too. You are luxurious and generous in all your tastes. You are luminous and bright in nature. You possess a happy, fortunate and strong personality. It is regarded as Positive or Physical if you take birth in between 21st July to 20th August and a little bit until 28th of August which part of Zodiac is regarded as the House of Sun.

You represent what can be called the heart power of human race. As per rule, you are sympathetic and big-hearted in extreme condition. You have a great strength of personality and character. Your role is different from your fellows. Your well marked and clean cut character is certainly to make you manifest. You are most sympathetic at heart. Sometime you conceal this quality in respect of your powerful sense of attempting to push people to act what is right for the other people. You have no compassion for doormats or evader of truth. You are brutal truthfulness. Besides you may criticise your own kids if they are engaged in evil works. You show the immense trustworthy if your friend is attacked, particularly if he is attacked in a deceitful way. You love and hate intensely.

You may not possess any middle path. To you it should be either worst or best. In spite of remaining truthful and honest right through your life there is a chance that you may deceive. It is dangerous to you if you are on the sunset of your life. Many of you have cheered other people who have brought your imposing brightness of Excellency into the hearts of other people. You can’t cheer when the dusk arrives. Hence, you frequently be the victim of gloominess and melancholies. Many of you commit suicide. Other significant features of you are that you are excessive proud. You may die sooner than the other people. You are very much hurt through your pride. You are strangely sensitive in nature. You are impulsive and ill-tampered. You make many foes. If you involve in public life then you are often attacked in the dishonest way.


Your health may not be good. You may mostly suffer from palpitations, pains, problems in head, heart and ears. You may suffer from the inflammation of eye. Kidney problem is very much destined to you. You may suffer from growth injuries in your feet.


The Mount is regarded as Negative or Mental if you take birth in between 21st January to 18th February and a little bit for the next seven days of February. In case of Mount of Sun Negative, you are much more victorious at the time of managing for other people than for yourself. You are normally must energetic in your plans to the aid of all kinds of misery and for what you consider to be the best for the people. Often you are noticed in any post of government or leader of any party. Generally, you are treated as underdog. It may cause you to be immensely disliked and abused by the rich and stronger classes. You hardly attract to the wealth.

Hence, you have the tendency to deprive yourself in your efforts to assist those people who are around them. Even you have the possibility to be involved in the philanthropic activity for the help of the poor. The odd distinct opposition to this is you are normally brilliant in trade and the economical plans though it is for the sake of other people. You are the one who sacrifice his interest. There is a possibility that you create fortune for the other people and hold almost nothing for your home. As per the rule, you find immense pleasure in public meeting or all kinds of ceremonies. You adore the place where a big number of public gather together like theatre. If you hoist any occasion then you may show great expressiveness, strength of argument and power of debates. You hardly grasp the post you get during your career. You are likely to play the part of a particular moment. And after completing it you step down from it and go to a private life. You frequently end your remaining days in the unknown places. You are exactly opposite of the Positive side. You hardly commit suicide. You have the ability to tolerate every sort of suffering or martyrdom. You become more cheerful with the thinking that you have done your responsibility to your fellow people. This kind of feeling is likely to maintain you against the attack, loss or disappointment.


You are mostly suffered from the problems of internal organs and stomach. You may possess a poor blood circulation. You may loss the natural heat. You may suffer from kidney or liver problem. You are inclined to commit an accident to your bones, particularly to ankles, limbs and knees. You should chose excessive dry climate and ample of sunlight as a protector if you want to keep away from these kinds of diseases.

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