Sathabishta Nakshatra

Sathabishta Nakshatra
Men under this star are obstinate. They like to do what they like. Fights are common owing to their persistent nature. They are ill-tempered. They are not exhibitionist though others will ultimately understand what a good human being they are. Research directors and the doctors are belongs to the Sathabishta Nakshatra.

But they may be an astrologer or a psychologist. They are very close to their mothers abut have a fortified relationship with the other family members. Marriage is not for them, though they decide to marry, they will get a satisfying wife. They may suffer in promiscuous or diabetes problems.

Women take births under the Sathabistha Nakshatra are tall, elegant and physicaly pleasing. They are the combination of fire and ice. People need to be trained how to deal with her in case of avoid severe arguments. They possess a good memory and use them to their advantage. They may enjoy a good nuptial relationship, though it may go towards bad also. Procreative matters will molest them along with the troubles associate to pain in chest. The area of this star consists of watery life.

The persons of this star are well built and courageous. They have huge firmness and strength of mind. They are full of knowledge and are self-centred. The residents are supposed to be gifted with many children. They are long lived. They are specialist in magic. Actually they have very much strange personality though they are regarded by the others.

The persons belong to this star believed in unselfish giving. They are kind hearted and don’t want to hurt anyone. But if people make wrong they become an angry and unkind person. They are intelligent and wise. They really believe in religious path and auspicious words. They are shy in nature and wish to live simple. They are respected by all.

With his inherent attraction with loneliness he has tendency to scientific acts like meditation or philosophy. They don’t break the tradition. They are hard workers and logical in approach. They have a limited number of friends. They are extravagant at their wishes or dresses.

They are determined and disciplined in their work. They have the power of sixth sense. Impressive skills of presentation, intelligence, reconciliation power, helping nature are the positive attributes of these residents. Short tempered, depression, inflexibility, idleness, harshness and absence of social mannerism is the key features of their negative attributes.