Jyeshta Nakshatra

Jyeshta Nakshatra
Jyestha fils the 2nd series of the 9 nakshatras begins with the Magha. The later sequences are concerned about the activities on earth. For Jyestha is concerned, it is very much needed to keep an image. The resident can do what they capable of impressing the others and maintain the regard of other people. Jyestha is a champion performer when it is spoken about donation, humanity, regard and gentleness. Hence, in ancient age Jyestha obtained the respect of the society. The planet Moon in Jyestha directs an individual with the sense of superiority who is defensive, dependable and the leader of family. They are intelligent, thoughtful and spiritual, may be with mysterious influence and are brave and creative.
They may face poorness and adversity in their life and may be isolated and enigmatic. Round Talisman is the chief sign of it. In the all old civilizations, one can observe a round talisman as the sign of Godly defence or of a controlling position. Umbrella is the substitute sign of the Jyestha Nakshatra. The fundamental function of an umbrella is to protect from the natural forces like, rain or sun. Same way this nakshatra defends one from the worldly forces. This is why in ancient age all kings and queens never travelled without an umbrella. It is continue till date. Jyestha is governed by the government of gods, the Indra. The name plainly translates into the superior one and it is featured by extreme pleasure.

The females belongs to this nakshtra are considered to be soft character who possess enormous emotions. They are very friendly while they will come out in strong and ruthless and people think them wrong. They have tendency for jealousy but if they love, they will love from the core of the heart.

The women belongs to this star could keep a secret hiding as they will tell about everything they have inside. They are tall. Opinion of others is desirable to them. Her ability at placing things together may be simply observed. When something is going to complete, she checks whether everything is all right or not. Her family and nuptial life will not go smoothly. Her children will also have problem with the childhood issues. Her health is linked with her uterus.

The resident of this star have tendency to see their misery as larger than life. Therefore, they are often found in complaining. They are also malicious and revengeful. Jyestha men are short tempered. His attitude makes problem when dealing with the other people. He does not think before work. His labour in work will reward him a good post in his job. He suffers from asthma and stomach problem. Drinking is the issue for his illness.