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Normally, the Line of Intuition (5) is observed on the palms of the Conic, the Psychic and the Philosophic. Occasionally it is observed in the palms of the Spatulate. It takes almost the configuration of a semicircle from the bottom of the Mount of Mercury to the Mount of Moon. Even it is observed alone on the Mount of Moon. The Line of Intuition should not be perplexed with Lien of Heath or Hepatica. It is observed as clear and distinct mark. It indicates an extra restive sensitive nature. If you possess this line then you may have the extrasensory perception power. You may be full of inspiration. Your dreams normally are very vivid and clear. You have the sixth sense and know how one thing must be completed. You frequently write or speak about more elevated character to inspire. It is usually found more in the hand of a woman than the hand of a man.

Sometimes the Line of Intuition observes extraordinarily distinct on the palm of man. In all cases they may possess significant strengths and extraordinary senses. Apart from this they may possess the gift of the perception. If you possess the Line of Intuition then you may not always in the situation of mind when the extraordinary senses may be engaged. Many of these kinds of people are completely uneducated. In spite of that, when they are thrown to the inspired situation, they are capable of explaining the most complicated problems with utmost accuracy. Some people possess such an amazing dream of future events that they are capable of warning others weeks or months before the upcoming danger. Sometimes this type of warning saves life. This kind of power lost completely if they spoil their life in drinking alcohol.

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