Swathi Nakshatra

Swathi Nakshatra
The Swati Nakshatra is related with wind, air on the fact of Akash which is the domicile of air. This star may be harsh if we don’t find out its usage to root out negativity. The resident belongs to this star possess with great look. They flirt with many females. They are jolly and obtained prosperity form king.

Women belong to this nakshatra, walk like they are judging deeply before taking every foot step and trying to stabilize their body. They don’t want to do any unfairness to anyone. Their health can be affected by some breathing problems and the issue of their uterus.

Men take pleasure getting complimentary looks from females. It is a fact that they are attractive and it’s separate them from others. They may face some problems in their young age but those problems will be disappearing after they get old. He can do any kind of job from jeweler to engineering. His liberty helps him to go through difficult conditions. They are quite impatience and they need to find the path to keep quiet. He respects everyone. Their nuptial life is ok for those who are looking in for the outside. It is unfortunate that they have to fight some domestic battles. Their health are not affected much, though may face with the problems of stomach or arthritis.

A Swati Nakshatra female is sympathetic, loving and takes her time to take in religion as the part of her everyday life. It makes her a good quality personality. Her occupation leads her to move from one place to another though she is unwilling to take a trip. Quite often she has to change his view owing to keep peace in her family. They enjoy themselves in a high class position. They obtain a many reputations in her career. They are fully satisfied from their children. They are very weak in respect of health. They can suffer from asthma, bronchitis, breast problems or problems in uterus.

Men belong to the Swati Nakshatra star love peace though they are obstinate. They don’t like to consume other people’s assets and vice-versa. They don’t like any criticism in respect of their work. He is always there to extend his helping hand for the other people. They are the best friends when needed and worst to the foes. They don’t pause to take the revenge on the people who are against them.