Revati Nakshatra

Revati Nakshatra
A drum and a fish are the signs of Revati. Fish is the sign of deep religiousness also it is the 12th symbol of Pisces. Drum is the indicator of time dazzling the last lunar house as per group. This holy star has the personality of deva and its main motive is moksha which is religious enlightenment.

There is a sign of an animal which is a woman elephant. Some features of Revati are: prosperity, plethora, fatty. The birth nakshatra is the planet Saturn.

People who take birth under the Revati Nakshatra are honest, attractive, talk furiously and fast. They are liberal in hunting any professions. They are full of good features. They have the power over their sense. They all the time think about their family. They are intellect, educated, prosper, courageous, well mind, possess healthy figure. They have exciting physical desire. People belongs to this star are extended their helping hand to all. They settle down in foreign country. Men possess attractive look and good figure. They work hard and aware what is helpful for the society. They are self-sufficient. They don’t need to take a help in their problems. Yet they are the sacred people who obey the god for supervision in everyday life. They possess an inventive mind. Their friendship is precious, though they don’t believe anyone easily. Their life in family is not comfortable but they enjoy a happy wedded life. Their partners know very well how to take care of them and their desires.

Women are gorgeous along with the good character. They may be stubborn and they love a leadership position. Normally they chose their occupation in arts, though sometimes they represent their county. Typists, telephone operator or the head of an organization is also suitable for them. If they find the perfect man, they enjoy a happy nuptial life. They may suffer in the stomach problem or hearing problem. They have powerful personalities. They naturally are not religious. They travel in abroad.

The persons belongs to this star are rally kind-hearted and friendly who trust in kindness. They are soft in their words that make them sensitive and it is the reason that they are hurt very easily. They don’t believe any stranger.

The resident of the Revati Nakshatra are morals who will not leave their own principles which they intensely believe. They also analyze before taking any decision. They have been given blessing from the omnipotent.