Poorva Phalguni  Nakshatra

Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra
Purva Phalguni denotes to devastation. An individual who in his personal life succeeds in dominating the 6 wishes, that is whish of creativity which also dominates the death. Hence, on the one side this nakshatra signs the joy of formation and enjoyment and on the other side shows desire less and moderation. It is the first step of formation. Reputation and fame is the main character of this nakhstara.

Uttara Phalguni and Purva Phalguni Nakshatra are the sign of good luck. Guru’s birth star is this nakshatra. It is top most lip of the Kalpurusha. Purva Phalguni is the eleventh nakshatra of zodiac. Resident of this star is marked by fleshy body and with regular sweating. The person has the spontaneous ability to understand others unsaid difficulties for that they enlarge their hand without being asked. This class helps them to earn respect and fame. Most of them are renowned in one special area. It gets orders and will often agree to admit a secondary position. This will affect a little set back in the occupation. They are determines and keen for power and authority. Though they are very virtuous and do not treat into any wicked activities.

The men born under the Purva Phalghuni Nakshatra are not believed bodily remarkable but they have nice character. They can understand when one is going through a problem and react so. They are also fond of seeing new place in the world. His job is that which provide him as much liberty as possible. He doesn’t like to be asked what to do or not to do. He loves to do his self-thing. This nakshatra’s men are abided by the law. He loves power and thinks it as all important one. He has difficulty to deal with those who wish to neglect it. Money can be a problem for him as some persons who have lent money from him, don’t want to return him. Nuptial life is good and they have well mannered children. He needs to take great attention of his health as his health is normally affected by the diabetes.

The women belong to the Purva Phalguni Nakshatra have a respectable persona. But they have lack of beauty in usual way. She is affable and sharp with a well mind. In the case of education, they can reach above the average level of qualifications. Despite all this, she is showy and this may problem for her. They love her family members and do whatever can make them to spend a comfort life. Though the overconfidence if not controlled may cause trouble in family. They have a few health problems besides their feminine difficulties.

The resident of this nakshatra has a sweet tongue. Their good behaviour is capable of drawing a big number of people to themselves and form friends simply. They are honest. They can’t watch any unlawful activity. They love opposite gender and vehicles. They are courageous and think before act. They can be a lawyer. Government job is suitable for this nakhshtra. They are also ideal to the music, sports or any business. They suffer from asthma, blood pressure, heart, teeth and abdominal problems.