Dhanishta Nakshatra

Dhanishta Nakshatra
The owner of this star is Basudaibata. Signs are table and drum. The natives who take birth under this star possess prosperity, costly stones, precious articles, gold, luxury etc. Asthavasu comes from Ganga. The qualities of those gods are related with this nakshatra. Men are uncongenial to females. They have deficiency in the power of having physical relationship. If the planet Saturn is the owner of the seventh house and any other planet also located in the seventh house and linked with Saturn it will also lead the resident weak in physical energy. It is a fact that the Saturn is also a castrate. The resident of this nakshatra has the problem in wedding. Their physical relationship is hardly ever satisfied. It is the backside of the Kalapurush.

The Dhanistha Nakshatra is the twenty third star among the twenty seven stars. Kumbha and Makara rashi is the birth star of this Dhanishtha Nakshatra according to Moon symbol. 1st 6 months of this star is in Capricorn and the next 6 months is in Aquarius zodiac. Saturn is the owner of these to zodiac. Silver Grey is the colour of this star.

The persons will be specialist in all the actions they take on. They are exceptionally intelligent and possess resourceful knowledge. They don’t like to interfere in any problems of others. They are sacred character. All the time they love to live with their own ability. They don’t like to express their variance with the other people till the last second.

Many historians and scientists are taken birth under this star. They possess the talent for keeping secret. Hence, they are preferable for top secret service or the private secretary. Their aptitudes are beyond questions whatever their academic qualification is. They are very much in front of the other people. So he is ideal for lawyer. Usually they start earning money after 24. In family life, they are head of family. Their kiths and kin may cause many awkwardness and troubles. They are mostly engaged with their sisters or brothers. Their wife will be treated as the “Laxmi” of the family. Their growth in wealth is only after the wedding. They will not take care of their health until disease go in peak. They are suffered from anemia or whooping cough, though they will not be suffered a long period.

The females of this star are supposed to be great aspiring spirit. They may reach at the top in their career. They earn high respect and reputation. They will always seek for knowledge. Hence they are engaged with learned people in the later of their lives. They are gentle and adorable. They care for the other people also. Hence, they will compromise many times for bringing amity and harmony. They will build up a delightful relation around and get regard and adore from all.