Utthara Phalguni Nakshatra

Utthara phalguni Nakshatra
Men related with the Uttharaphalguni Nakshatra are believed lucky through others. They are candid and involved in helping the other people who are not lucky enough, though they ignore their own requirements. They are short tempered and can’t be calm down easily. Sometimes they may make out that they make a mistake and sometimes not. They have done whatever they can do for the best. They may be a good teacher or a scientist. His nuptial life is full of cheer.

Their wife is knowledgeable and well prepared. If they don’t take any attention to their health, they may face stomach problem.

The females are adorable and friendly. Their characteristics lead them fast to classify conflicts. They are of medium height. They possess soft body and medium complexion. Their nose is bigger than the others. They have a black mole on the face. They are admired by all. They are always cheerful. Their logical mind leads them to the teaching line. Their beauty and drollness may turn them into actress. They are happy enough with their hubby and children. They feel comfort from making obvious that their family is well. They are real homemaker. They must have awareness that their effort don’t seem very showy to the neighbours. They enjoy a well healthy life with minor troubles like headache, menstrual trouble or breathing problems.

Affluence through marital relation is also one of the notable traits. It must be noted that on the account of their presence in same pair, both Purva Phalguni Nakshatra and Utthara Phalguni Nakshatra share obvious same features. Despite the similarity, positive qualities are bigger in case of Utthara Phalguni Nakshatra. The differences are that they are kind hearted, patronage and keen for helping others and support the distress.

Both men and women are very much sensible in case of spending money. They keep away themselves from any kind of disputes or quarrels. They believe in compromise and agreement. Their willpower and belief in action are evenly stirring. Instead of showing day dreams, they work hard. With the help of their suitability and acknowledgment they become a famous person.

Due to the control of the planet Venus, they have a tendency to be fallen with an extra conjugal affair. This is one of the negative points of the people take birth in Uttharaphalguni Nakshatra. Other negative points are they have compulsion with purity and haughtiness. Some time they act like a selfish and scornful one.