Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika Nakshatra
“Krittika” is a Sanskrit word which means “critical”. The Krittika Nakshatra has the feature of enquiry and skill to spot the small causes of fault. Any fault which is the obstacle in the way of success comes under the observation of this star. It is guided by the Mars and the protector deity Agni. Celestial position of this star also accounts for its native features of surpassing the land of physical power. Krittika is main source of the solar energy. It represented by a group of 7 stars. This group was observed by vedic jyotishi which is stand for a necklace. Therefore, it’s astronomical important is noteworthy. Krittika is the ware house of the inactive agent that looks after power.

Krittika stands for the “Cutters” which has further to do with femaleness than the men. Alike cutting tool, Krittika stands for creation as well as annihilation and emotional desires. It is the 3rd out of 27 stars. This star is believed to consist of 6 nakshatras but few Vedas of old age tell it consists of 7 nakshatras.

The shape of this star is alike a tool. A stanza belonging to the nakshtara yagya of Taittitiyo Brahmana talks about 7 donations are thrown in Agni in the Krittika Star Yagya. This is a proof that it’s consists of 7 stars. Those 7 nakshatras are Dula, Amba, Abhrayanti, Nittani, Varshyanti, Meghtanti and Chupunika.

Men take birth under this star is not famous for their looks but are reliable and courteous. They are intelligent and can advice others. He hates those people who openly criticise his position. They make wealth for their independence. They keep their words which is commendable. They will try to do something with is helpful society. They also prefer to work outside his birth place as this will help him to work.

Their life in family is very enjoyable cause of their good spouse who is really a good home maker. They are not concerned about their health and it cause them many problems. They are suffered with eye, teeth and lung problem. Women of this star is very beautiful but not for so many years. Their beauty appears to lessen quite hastily. They are arrogant and pay greatly for her character fault. Subject with other person are the direct for their attitude. Family members are not free from this matter. Normally they are not attracted in the corporate sector, but are long for family work. Due to her lack of ability to connect with men, she feels lonely though there are persons who loved her.

As she is not fully loveless, she will not suppress to the force of the other people, though she suffers mentally. She has the tendency for quarrel. Usually a few % of women under this star are highly educated. She earns money in the field of agriculture, fisheries or any small type of industry. If the birth is in 1? of Krittika or 12? to 13.2? of Krittika, she becomes highly educated and served as an Administrator Officer, Doctor or Engineer or a Teacher. She may also earn money as the musician or a tailor. She can’t enjoy the full pleasure in physical relation. In some cases, childlessness and divorced is also directed and in a few cases they don’t marry. She doesn’t keep affable relation with her relatives.