Vishakha Nakshatra

Vishakha Nakshatra
If someone tale birth under the Vishakha Nakshatra and consists of both the planet Jupiter and the planet Mars in his Kundali, he may shine with his erudition and power. The planet Jupiter is the owner of this group. Owing to the effect of Jupiter, persons born in this star are intellectual, wise and knowledgeable. They are good contestants. They are haughty and try to make an impression. They are covetous though they earn a lot of wealth through their knowledge.

They are obstinate and they don’t like someone criticise them. They face problems in any area owing to their nature.

The resident of this star is good in astrology. They don’t concern with the rules of the society. The natives of this symbol are a well known artist. They simply control the others. They are shy person and keep things to themselves. They may involve in fights due to their nature. They are good orator and give well counsel to others. Others are paying attention towards them. They are kind and amiable. They are the combination of value, good attributes and virtues. They are believed as lucky for their unique combine. They save lot of wealth and they never face any financial problems.

Men are normally beautiful. They are not concerned about the tradition and broke it frequently. They have a cracked family life owing to separate from his mother, though they try to fill it by turn into a good hubby and a father. Conversely, they will lose their way from the conjugal bed and find themselves in company with other lady. In spite of that, they will manage it in smoothly manner to keep his nuptial relationship.

They will be faced with the disease like asthma and paralysis. Men are frequently involved in feminizing apart from a powerful compulsion to alcohol.

Those women who are taken birth under this star have a vast fan-follower owing to their beauty. They adore their hubby and very much friendly with their fathers in law. They are not arrogant. They are sacred. Sorry to say, those women are often worried by the memories of their fight in early life and it becomes a secret far throughout their lives. They need to take attention about kidney problems.

She may shine in the arts and may turns into an author. She enjoys a good association. They are not unsuccessful in spite of their beauty. They always maintain a distance from the spotlight.