Moola Nakshatra

Moola Nakshatra
The Moola Nakshatra stands for “reverse or opposite”. Moola is not a good stars, it is notable that that the deity is “Alaxmi”, i.e. the God of ill-luck. It signifies the root, i.e. everything of fundamental feature, its moving limited. Moola does not go further than its narrow path. Old servants, sellers of seed every such kind of things are find out from this Nakshatra. Moola resident go over philosophic, literary, scientific or other fundamental subjects. Its prospect is not the rural area but the urban.

This Nakshatra comes under the Gondola Star. Moola Nakshatra believed as the evil star. It’s all the 4 housing are located in the symbol Sagittarius. The resident of this star will harm others family. But they need not to worry about as the people belongs to the Moola Nakshatra possess many good qualities. Hence we must think about the good effect not the bad one.

The Moola men are very beautiful people. He has bright eyes. He is the one who knows where he is going away and may surmount the barrier which resists the path of success. They think about the best but sometimes worry about the futures. The weakest point of them is they are unable to get their self advice. Moola men find him-self in the debt while helping the friends. Due to lack of well financial crisis, he has to move from one job to another. They want to do their work in their own way. His inability for controlling the balance in finance resulting in lends. He is that kind of people who advice the others but can’t keep the same principle for his own. Family life is suitable from the spousal side.

This odd feature usually fits for the financial consultant or religious advisor. They are skilled in various areas. But often changes in profession or trade cause him unstable. As a result, he always needs money. They possess an odd combination with their friends. It is quite usual that when someone is incapable of earning anything by legal mode, his balance will be negative. So it is suitable for them that they must keep away from this kind of friends. If he believes that all that is happening on the world is owing to the blessing of him, he must try to become a little selfish and search a path for improving the finance condition.

They may be affected by the tuberculosis or the stomach problem. It may good if they take care of themselves. Women are kind-hearted but obstinate. They can help things to make more difficult than they are. Many females are not interested in education and they have the hard times in school. She may have problem in her personal life. Her nuptial life may end owing to divorce or death. Arthritis may cause a problem in the latter half of their life.