Sravana Nakshatra

Shravana Nakshatra
Shravana is considered with slyness along with erudition and hard work. It is normally used for reaching selfish ends. It has the tendency to turn into harmful when the aims are dishonest and not completely accepted. Bigotry is the common feature of the Shravana Nakshatra. Moon is the ruling planet and it stand for the height of Moon’s energy.

At the night, it comes out as the form of an eagle and related sign is 3 footsteps. Shravana means “hearing” and it denotes skill of hearing or the learning which is spread through audible mediums. 3 footsteps sign shows shuffling which may be related with the god Vishnu. This star is the birth star of Saraswati who is the goddess of knowledge and education. As a result, this star grants the prosperity of knowledge, aptitudes and educational ability among the people.

The males belongs to this nakshatra are not as tall as the other star. They are honest men. Religious is essential to them and they make it certain to follow the principles. They are helpful and do everything what they capable of. They are disciplined and like to maintain them. They are very faithful. They have the skill to be a good politician for their connection with people. The skill of his advice makes them trustful to others. They are nearly perfect for their kind heart. They enjoy cheerful nuptial life.

Women are usually short though they are slim. They are employed in the art, agriculture or reception. Their tendency to rightness may cause problem in family life. They are devoted to god. One negative point is they are very talkative. They may suffer from the problem of hearing and skin. As they associated with the birth star of Saraswati, the residents of this star are usually expert in music, acting, dancing. They are very friendly. She regards her parent and takes attention of them with the greatest honesty. Normally they are honest in their responsibility and work. They don’t want to hurt anybody.

They always make plan for obtaining higher objective. But they never conciliate with the honesty and kindness to the other people.

The resident take birth in the Shravana Nakshatra is very much dependable. They search for everlasting truth. They get good wealth to spend their livelihood. They have many strategy and information. But they have to run off their strategy in the midway owing to hidden foes. They are brave and confidence. They don’t hesitate to tell the right thing. Business and the service both are right choice for their career. They are not extravagant but many people misread them as miser.